The Practical Tips To Wash And Care For Your Beach Towels


Taking a trip to the beach on a hot summer day is a very relaxing thing to do. Before that, you may consider preparing some soft cotton beach towels or quality luxury beach towels for yourself and your family. You can say that beach towels or pool towels are a must-have for people who love to travel. But how to wash or care for beach towels is also something you need to know and do your best. After the trip, you must properly clean and care for your and kids’ beach towels. This is the only way to ensure that they are always the best beach towels and can last a long time. Here are some practical tips for washing and caring for your beach towels. I hope it can help you.
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How to wash beach towels?

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Read the instructions carefully

Before washing your towels, you should carefully read the care instructions on the product label. It stipulates different cleaning methods for different materials of towels. The two most popular types of beach towels on the market are cotton beach towels and microfiber beach towels. Their care instructions are also different. You should read the instructions carefully and follow what it says. You should know that classification is essential. You’d better classify dark and light beach towels to prevent them from being stained during the washing process. After all, if your white beach towels are dyed in other colors, that’s not good.

Shake the sand out of the beach towels

It would be best if you shook your oversized beach towels vigorously to ensure that all the sand is shaken out from inside your towels. This is an easy thing to do, but many people returning from a trip to the beach forget to do it. When you choose to machine wash, there is a good chance that the sand in your beach towel will clog up your washing machine. This is not good news for you, especially if you’re coming off a perfect day at the beach. So don’t skimp on the time to do this little thing. When there is no more sand in your beach towel, go to the next step.

Treat stains on towels ahead of time

Remember to check your large beach towels for stains; if there are any, treat them immediately. You can put a small number of detergent drops on the stain and blot it evenly. Blot the stain gently with a paper towel after soaking it in cold water for about 15 minutes. Treating the stain ahead of time will make your towel cleaning process easier.

Wash beach towels separately

If you ask me how to wash beach towels, you must be reminded not to put other clothes in the washing machine with your towels. Many people usually overlook this one thing. Many clothes come with zippers, buttons and some decorations. When you wash them together with your beach towel, it is inevitable that the fabric will wear out. When the beach towel is soaked with water, it will become very heavy. Therefore, do not overfill your washing machine and choose a larger load. Also, choose the suitable laundry detergent for your towels to ensure durability. Even for cheap beach towels, you need to take care of them.

Dry your towels

A complete washing process is followed by drying. You should read the care instructions for the towels carefully to see if you can use the dryer or if you should air dry them. In addition, the dryer’s temperature is also something you should be concerned about. After drying, you will get a fluffy and soft new towel. It is worth mentioning that don’t expose your towels to too much sunlight, which is likely to cause fading.

How to store beach towels properly?

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When you’re done using a beach towel, you’re better off hanging it up than leaving it lying in a basket or on the floor. If you do, you may see a moldy towel when you use it again. After washing, carefully fold the clean towels and put them in the cabinet. To keep them dry, you can put in some moisture absorbent.

How to restore your beach towels?

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You will find that when your favorite personalized beach towels are used for a while, they become less soft. In fact, this is quite normal. If you do not wash your towels sufficiently, some soap or laundry detergent buildup can cause this phenomenon. As long as you add a cup of vinegar to the following washing process, you can restore the softness of your towels. Also, using baking soda can remove odors. All of these above can help restore fluffy, soft, and absorbent beach towels.

Some care tips:

1. When buying new beach towels in bulk, you’d better wash them. Your skin might be uncomfortable because you are unsure if the towel was exposed to chemicals during manufacturing.
2. It is best not to hand wash towels if you have a washing machine. Once a beach towel is soaked, it becomes very heavy. You can’t wring it out easily. Also, it is better to put the beach towel in the washing machine to thoroughly remove the bacteria inside the towel than to wash it by hand.
3. Never use bleach in the cleaning process. Bleach can seriously damage your bulk beach towels. If necessary, you can choose to use a small amount of dishwashing liquid or a specific stain remover on the stain.


I believe you have learned how to care for your towels by reading this article properly. When you have purchased custom beach towels that you are pleased with, you should be prepared to take good care of them. Even the best beach towels need proper and gentle washing and care. This is the only way to make them maintain a good initial sense of use.
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