What are brocade pictures?

Brocade is a fabric characterized by raised designs woven into the material.

Its intricate patterns make it popular for upholstery, draperies, and formal wear such as evening gowns and jackets.

Throughout history, people have linked brocade with luxury and wealth. It was often used in royal and ceremonial clothes.

A brocade picture refers to artwork created using brocade fabric as a primary medium.

Artists use brocade fabric to create intricate designs, textures, and patterns to form images or scenes.

The pictures can range from traditional patterns and motifs to more contemporary and abstract ones.

They often showcase the beauty and versatility of brocade fabric as an artistic material.


Custom Brocade Picture

Bring your unique vision to life with our custom brocade picture service. You may want a portrait, landscape, or an intricate design.

Our skilled artisans are ready to create a personalized masterpiece just for you. We use the finest silk threads.

They are combined with luxurious gold and silver accents. We weave them into a stunning brocade canvas.

It is rich in texture and beauty. Each piece is a visual treasure and a woven work of art created to your specifications.

Perfect for unique gifts, commemorative pieces, or adding a touch of bespoke elegance to your home decor.

Let us help you capture the essence of your style or story in a magnificent brocade picture.

Shown below is a selection of our custom tapestry paintings. If you want to customize your own pattern, please contact us.

Woven Silk Picture - Ancient Chinese Painting

Brocade Decorative Paintings - Tigers

Brocade Decorative Paintings - Pet Dogs

Woven Silk Picture - TangKa

Landscape Woven In Silk - Jiangnan Scenery

Woven Silk Picture - Landscape Painting

Woven Silk Picture - TangKa

Woven Silk Picture - Mona Lisa

If you want other patterns, please contact us for customization

Where to hang the painting?

With their delicate and traditional style, tapestry paintings are perfect for hanging in:

Living room: As the focal point of the family gathering space, it enhances the overall atmosphere.

Bedroom: Add a touch of luxury and tranquility to make the space more welcoming.

Office or study: express your personal taste and create a professional atmosphere.

Restaurant or Lounge: Add a touch of artistry and elegance to the dining experience.

Hotel lobby or corridor: provide guests with visual enjoyment and showcase unique interior decoration.

Meeting Room or Reception Area: Make a great first impression on your visitors.

Art Gallery or Museum: Complements other artworks to demonstrate cultural value.

Mansion or palace: As part of the luxurious decoration, it reflects the noble status of the owner.


Home Decor

They can be framed and hung on walls as decorative pieces in living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways, adding elegance and sophistication to the interior decor.

Offices and Businesses

Brocade pictures can adorn the walls of offices, reception areas, or conference rooms, enhancing the professional ambiance and making a stylish statement.

Hotels and Restaurants

They can be used as decorative elements in hotel lobbies, restaurants, or banquet halls, adding a touch of luxury and refinement to the surroundings.

Event Decor

Brocade pictures can be used as decorative accents at weddings, parties, or other special events, adding flair and visual interest to the venue.

What is the characteristics of brocade hanging paintings


Intricate Designs:

Brocade hanging paintings have intricate designs and patterns woven into the fabric. They often use metallic threads to add shimmer and depth.

Luxurious Appearance:

They have an elegant appearance due to the use of high-quality brocade fabric, often associated with elegance and wealth.

Textural Depth:

Brocade paintings often have depth. This is due to raised designs woven into the fabric, which creates a tactile and attractive surface.


They come in various sizes and designs, making them suitable for different spaces and decor styles.

Cultural Significance:

The design of brocade hanging paintings may vary. They may hold cultural significance, showing traditional motifs or symbols.


Brocade fabric is durable and long-lasting. It makes brocade hanging paintings suitable for both decoration and use.


Frequently ask questions

  • How do I order custom brocade pictures?

To order, you will usually need to contact us to discuss your design ideas. You must provide any required images or references and specify your desired dimensions and other customizations. The provider will guide you through the process and provide a quote based on your requirements.

  • Can I make any design into a brocade painting?

Most designs can be turned into damask patterns. But, this depends on the design’s complexity and the limits of weaving. It is best to consult with us to ensure that your design will be effectively represented in the tapestry.

  • How long does it take to create a custom damask image?

Time frames may vary depending on the complexity of the design and the artisan’s current workload. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Discussing the schedule with the service provider in advance is recommended.

  • How much does it cost to customize a brocade painting?

The price for custom damask graphics can vary a lot. It depends on the piece’s size, the design’s complexity, the materials, and the time to create it. A quote will be provided after an initial consultation.

  • How should I care for my custom damask picture?

Brocade paintings should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent fading. They should be lightly dusted or professionally cleaned as needed to keep them looking good. It is recommended to consult the creator for specific care instructions for your piece.

  • Can customized brocade paintings be framed?

Yes, these images can be framed or mounted for display. Professional framing is recommended to maintain the quality and integrity of the fabric.




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