A Comprehensive Guide To Wholesale Beach Towels


If you are preparing for a perfect beach trip, oversized beach towels are something you should consider. Beach towels that are large enough and of high quality are not as easy to find as you might think, especially if it is your first time to wholesale beach towels. It would be best to consider many factors, such as material, size, thickness, etc. In addition, you should also find a few reliable wholesale beach towel suppliers. There is a previous article about the best beach towel manufacturers that you can read if you are interested. The perfect beach towel will enable you to enjoy long hours at the beach. Here is a comprehensive guide to wholesale beach towels that hopefully will help you choose suitable beach towels.
Custom Made High Quality Beach Towels Printed

What should you consider when you wholesale beach towels?

Wholesale Beautiful Beach Towels with Lotus Flower Printing

1. Material

When you wholesale beach towels, you should first consider the material. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, beach towels made from different materials have different characteristics. For example, cotton beach towels are softer and more comfortable but don’t dry as quickly. Microfiber beach towels won’t keep you moist for long, but you won’t feel exceptionally comfortable when you lie on them.
In short, when you consider the material for your beach towel, choose the part you want. Below you will see wholesale beach towels made of different materials, so hopefully, you can pick the right one for you.

Cotton beach towels VS Microfiber beach towels

– Cotton beach towels

Most of the beach towels are made of cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is made of natural fibers. It is soft, breathable, and has excellent moisture absorption and heat resistance. The perfect 100% cotton beach towel will make you feel incredibly comfortable at the beach. But when you wholesale beach towels made of cotton, you also have to suffer some disadvantages. For example, the cotton beach towel tends to wrinkle and fray. It does not dry quickly. Also, cotton beach towels are much more expensive than other beach towels when it comes to price. If you want cheap beach towels in bulk, cotton beach towels are not the best choice.

– Microfiber beach towels

If you consider quick-drying a factor when you wholesale beach towels bulk, then microfiber beach towels are what you want. Unlike cotton beach towels, microfiber beach towels are made from synthetic fibers. These types of beach towels are highly absorbent and can dry quickly. The features mentioned above are perfect for your beach vacation. Imagine drying your body with a beach towel, and when you are ready to pack up and go home, finding your beach towel still wet and covered with sand, you will feel incredibly irritated. Because of its absorbency and quick-drying properties, a microfiber beach towel will not bother you. In addition, microfiber towels are durable and easy to carry. Although it doesn’t have the same attractive appearance as a cotton beach towel, people still love it for its many good features.

2. Size

If you want to enjoy a perfect beach trip, you must choose the correct size of beach towels. Unlike other types of towels, the too big or too small size of beach towels will cause inconvenience. An ideal beach towel will allow you to lie on it casually, and your hands and feet will not get caught in the annoying sand. Therefore, you should choose wholesale beach towels about the same length as your height. Sixty inches x thirty inches is a standard beach towel size for most people. Of course, if you want to vacation with your family and friends, the oversized beach towels may be more suitable. It all depends on your needs.

3. Thickness

Thickness is also one of the considerations for wholesale beach towels. Most people think that the thicker the beach towel, the better, which is not the case. It may not be a wise choice if you carry a very thick beach towel to the beach. A very thick beach towel is not easy to fold and carry, which will take up a lot of space in your backpack. In addition, when your thick beach towel becomes wet, it will become very heavy. And cleaning the sand from the beach towel is also a tricky problem.
So, how do you choose the suitable thickness?
GSM is the unit of measurement for towel thickness. The unit is grams per square meter, which refers to the weight of one square meter of fabric. The larger the value, the thicker the towel. The smaller the value, the lighter the towel is and the less durable it. Generally, between 400-600 GSM range is considered medium weight. You can have a beach towel that has good absorbency and can dry quickly.
In short, choose a beach towel that is not too thick to make you feel comfortable and easy to fold and carry.

4. Color

When it comes to wholesale beach towels or bulk pool towels, most people tend to overlook the importance of color selection. In fact, we should pay more attention to the color of beach towels. When you and your friends are playing at the beach, you usually have to stay outdoors for a long time. If you choose darker colors such as black and gray, you will feel very hot. This is because darker beach towels will absorb more heat, which is very bad for people who have to stay outdoors for a longer time. When buying bulk beach towels, you’d better choose the lighter colors. Therefore, The yellow and white beach towels bulk are loved by many people.

5. Water absorption

When you dry your body and get ready to lie down on the beach towel, you find that the beach towel is still wet. That will make you feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is very beneficial for you to choose wholesale beach towels with good water absorption. If you can accept the higher price, cotton beach towels are excellent. Because the cotton fabric is made of natural fibers, it is soft, breathable, and has excellent moisture absorption. Choose a towel that has good absorbency and dries quickly! That will save you from wetness and shake off the sand soon.

6. Appearance

People are always willing to spend time on things that look good. Whether clothing, blankets, or beach towels, the trendy look is always unforgettable. Indeed, when you browse through the wide variety of wholesale beach towels on the website, styles with rich colors and unique design elements can catch your eye instantly. Therefore, an attractive appearance is significant for wholesale beach towels. With the advancement of technology and aesthetic diversity, there are many custom beach towels for you to choose from. You can choose wholesale beach towels in bulk with your name, favorite logo, and printed patterns. As a professional custom beach towels manufacturer in China, Zengbo offers a lot of high-quality beach towels. For example, custom beach towels bulk, custom printed beach towels with rectangle shapes, customized luxury beach towels wholesale, etc. According to your personalized needs, you can also choose your favorite color, shape, printed pattern, customized logo, and more.

7. Cost

It would be best to choose beach towels that you can afford rather than the cheap ones. The cheap beach towels in bulk will save you money, but that does not guarantee effective use for a long time. After taking it on a few trips to the beach, you will find that it wears out badly and even starts to fade. So, in the long run, you should choose wholesale beach towels that you can afford and are of better quality.

The top 5 wholesale beach towels recommended for you

The above provides a detailed overview of the factors you should consider when buying wholesale bulk beach towels. Next will be the introduction of the top 5 wholesale beach towels of high quality for you. They all have good performance in appearance and product quality.

Custom Printed Beach Towels Wholesale

Patterned Personalized Beach Towels for Kids1
Zengbo is one of China’s professional custom beach towel manufacturers. It offers high-quality custom printed beach towels to buyers all over the world. According to your individual needs, you can customize the color, shape, pattern, logo, and more. In addition, these custom printed beach towels are very soft and comfortable. They are also easy to care for. They are machine washable and quick to dry.

Funny Pattern Personalized Beach Towels for Kids

Personalized Beach Towels for Kids2
This is a beach towel designed for children by Zengbo, one of China’s best wholesale beach towels suppliers. This beach towel adds some funny patterns and rich colors, which are loved by many children. In terms of fabric, it is very soft and breathable, which can bring great comfort to children. In addition, it is machine washable, dryable, and quick-drying.

Clowood Plush Bamboo Cotton Beach Towel

The material of this beach towel determines its softness. The soft, breathable cotton fabric will bring you excellent comfort when you use it at the beach. And, it is big enough and long enough that very tall men can use it happily. Even though the price is a bit expensive, many people buy to use them as pool towels because of their high quality.

WildHorn Outfitters Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel

This is a packable beach towel. This beach towel looks big, but it is easy to be folded and carried and does not take up too much of your space. It is also worth mentioning that this microfiber beach towel is made of synthetic fibers. It is highly absorbent and can dry quickly.

WildHorn Outfitters Sand Escape Beach Towel

When traveling at the beach, the sand everywhere is always annoying. Especially when you pack up your things at the end of the trip and find the beach towel is covered with sand, that ruins your good mood. This type of wholesale beach towel can help you solve the difficulty very well. It can quickly shake off the sand because of its unique material. In addition, it is lightweight and can be packed easily. You can travel with it very lightly.


By reading this guide on wholesale beach towels, I believe you have your own ideas on how to buy beach towels. If you are interested in wholesale beach towels, please feel free to contact us.