Do You Know How To Wash Or Clean Fleece Fabric?


Fleece is a soft, comfortable, and durable fabric. A fleece blanket or jacket will be your best bet when winter comes. But when you choose fleece, you inevitably have to face a question: how to wash or clean the fleece fabric? This is the key to giving your fleece a new look. If you want to know how to wash or clean fleece fabric, keep reading!

What is fleece fabric?

fleece fabric
When you touch the fleece material, you will find it is like natural animal wool. But actually, it’s not what you think; fleece fabric is made of polyester or other synthetic materials. Polyester fibers are woven into fabrics, and some natural fibers are sometimes added to give the fabric a different texture.
The many perfect properties of fleece fabric make it the most popular fabric. As we all know, fleece material is very warm, and it is widely used in making winter clothes. In addition, it is also a very soft, comfortable, breathable fabric and extremely moisture resistant. It is lighter to wear than natural wool. And you don’t need to worry about it getting wrinkled at all. The fleece material won’t deform even if it’s machine-washed. It is worth mentioning that it is very suitable for people allergic to wool. If you are allergic to wool and need a soft and warm sweater, fleece material is your best alternative.

How to wash or clean fleece fabric?

After knowing what fleece is, knowing how to wash or clean fleece is the next thing that you must do. Happily, fleece fabric is easy to care for. You don’t have to worry too much when you accidentally get a stain on your fleece.
Next, we will introduce to you how to wash or clean the fleece fabric in detail.
fleece fabric

1. Firstly, you should deal with stains on fleece.

Before putting your fleece clothes or blankets in the washing machine, you should ensure you have treated the stains. The processing method is also very simple. You need to drop a small amount of dish soap on the stain and spread it evenly. After about ten minutes, it’s best to wipe the stain again with a paper towel to ensure as much of the stain is removed as possible before machine washing. Remember not to rub excessively, as this can cause stains to penetrate into the fleece. You might ask: Will dish soap destroy my fleece? You don’t need to worry about that. The dish soap does not damage the polyester fibers in fleece material. Instead, it can effectively remove the stains on it.

2. You can choose to hand wash or machine wash.

The fleece fabric can be hand washed or machine washed. But remember to turn your fleece over before washing and wash in cold water. You can add a small amount of mild detergent. Never use bleach on your fleece, which will damage your fleece items.

3. Remember to set the dryer to the lowest setting.

If you want to dry the fleece after washing, remember to set the dryer to the lowest setting and remove it immediately after. Too high a temperature can damage your fleece.

Little tips:

1. Before washing, you’d better sort your clothes. If you choose to machine wash, make sure all fleece items are together, not denim or other fabrics.
2. There are many kinds of fleece fabrics. Common types include polyester fleece fabric, polar fleece fabric, microfleece fabric, sherpa fleece fabric, cotton fleece fabric, etc. When you wash your clothes or blankets, you should carefully check the care label for special washing instructions.
3. Remember not to wash the fleece too often. That’s not good for your clothes or blankets.

How to wash a fleece blanket?

polar fleece blanketpolar fleece blanket
Fleece blankets are very durable and easy to care for. But when you wash your fleece blanket, you still need to be careful not to cause damage to your blanket.
First, check your fleece blanket for stains. If there is, please deal with all stains first. You can choose to use a small amount of dishwashing liquid or stain remover. This is a great help in removing stains. Soak in cold water for about ten minutes, then carefully wipe off the stain with a paper towel. Remember not to rub too hard, as that will make the stain seep into your blanket. If you choose to put your blanket in the washing machine, use cold water and choose a gentle cycle. Do not use bleach during cleaning. Remove and air dry immediately after washing.

How to wash a fleece jacket?

Fleece jackets are cleaned in much the same way as fleece blankets. It is worth mentioning that you should put all fleece clothes together before washing, making sure that the part you wash does not include other materials. Doing this will save you a lot of trouble. First, decontaminate your fleece jacket with a small amount of dish soap and soak it in cold water for about 10 minutes. Then turn the fleece jacket over and wash in cold water. You can add a mild cleanser. Never use bleach; it can seriously damage your clothes and reduce the life of your fleece jacket. After washing, you can put it in the dryer if you want. Remember to set the dryer to the lowest setting.


I believe you have learned how to clean fleece fabrics by reading this article. In short, fleece is not difficult to clean. Your fleece will retain its good properties as long as you regularly follow a reasonable cleaning method. In fact, as long as you’re willing to take the time to treat your fleece the right way, it won’t disappoint.
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