How To Choose Custom Outdoor Blankets


With spring or summer around the corner, there is a high demand for custom outdoor blankets. These customized blankets are a good option for gifting or marketing purposes. But are all blankets out there suitable for you?

Users have diverse demands, which means that all blankets are not for them. Here we have provided a guide to help you choose the best customized outdoor blankets.

Step-by-Step Guide for Choosing the Best Custom Outdoor Blankets

Choosing a customizable outdoor blanket is an easy process that involves a few steps. You can choose the right blanket by deciding the following:

  1. Material
  2. Size and shape
  3. Style
  4. Color


Custom Printed Picnic Blankets

Let’s look into each step with a more detailed approach. With each step here you can funnel down and shortlist the best custom outdoor blankets.

Step 1: Decide the Blanket Material


The selection of the blanket material depends on many factors. But the most important is the weather and the outdoor activity for which you are buying the blanket. Generally, blankets are available in different materials, such as:

  • Cotton
  • Fleece
  • Nylon
  • Wool
  • Polyester
  • Faux fur
  • Flannel
  • Cashmere
  • Sherpa
  • Vellux

If you are looking for an outdoor blanket for use in summer, cotton, nylon, or polyester would be the best choices. Cotton blankets are light and breathable. Nylon and polyester provide a waterproof exterior. Microfleece blankets are also used for this purpose as they resist water. Waterproof blankets are ideal for use on days when there is a chance of rainfall.

For winter use, fleece, wool, or fur are ideal. Moreover, other materials are a mixture of two different fabrics. For example, flannel is largely cotton, but it also has 20 percent polyester. Such materials make blankets suitable for various conditions.

If you are looking for a soft blanket, you should consider flannel, cashmere, or sherpa. Similarly, wool and fur also have a soft and fluffy feel. But these materials can also trigger allergies in some people. So, if you are getting the blanket for yourself or as a gift for someone else, check the medical history. On the safe side, you can avoid materials that are potentially allergens.

Besides, consider how you want to use the custom outdoor blankets. For instance, if you want to use a blanket on the beach, a waterproof material would be the best choice. Whereas, if you are planning a bonfire, wool or polyester can be useful as they do not catch fire.



Step 2: Select the Size and Shape of the Blanket

The outdoor blankets come in different sizes and shapes. Most blankets are available in rectangular or square shapes. But, if the manufacturers offer custom shapes, you can use your creative sense.

The blanket size depends on the number of people on the picnic or the age of the users. There is a great variety in sizes. You can get a small blanket for a baby or kids or a large one that wraps around an adult. You can also get an even bigger custom outdoor blanket for many people.

If you’re taking a picnic basket, the blanket should accommodate it along with the people. Otherwise, some plates and containers will go on the ground. But you do not want to risk an ant attack. The only downside of large blankets is that they are a bit tricky to fold.

Step 3: Choose the Custom Outdoor Blanket Style

Modern-day blankets come in a range of styles. These new blankets have incorporated some essential options. For example, easy-fold blankets are now available that do not need an extra hand to fold. They also take less time and roll up in a few seconds.

The folding blankets are also portable because they fold into a compact structure. So, you can easily carry them around. Look for a blanket that folds to the size of a rolled-up newspaper. It will save space in your picnic basket and make room for other things.

Other than that, some blankets come with bags that fold the blanket and keep it inside. But some blankets have a strap stitched on one corner. The strap also keeps the blanket folded and prevents it from taking up more space in the basket.

The style of the blanket has greater importance if you are buying it for marketing purposes. The style should depict your personality or the brand’s goal. It leaves a big impact on the users and helps people achieve their marketing pursuits.


Step 4: Decide the Color of the Custom Logo Outdoor Blanket

Once you have decided on other factors, you can move on to the last step and choose the color of your blanket. Although it is not the most critical step, colors can add good visuals to your picnic. Adding vibrant colors to the blanket can also brighten your picnic selfies.

But when you select an eye catchy color or layout for your blanket, make sure your custom design is visible. Nothing must divert attention from your custom text. For example, some intricate patterns might hide your logo or name.

The color for customized names, logos, or pictures is also important. There should be a contrast between the background color and the custom design. It will make it more prominent and attractive.

Other Things To Consider While Buying Customized Outdoor Blankets

Once you have shortlisted a few blankets, you should pick the final product. This decision can depend on the specific needs of each user. The most common considerations are quality, durability, and washing technique.


Invest in a Durable Outdoor Blanket

Custom outdoor blankets have to be more durable than indoor ones. Using the blankets on harsh surfaces or sand can wear them fast. So, if you are spending money, it better be for a product that lasts longer.

The first material that comes to mind, when we talk about durability, is polyester. But do all polyester blankets last longer? No, you have to be careful while purchasing the outdoor blanket. Some of them are not sewn well or, they are made with poor fabric and thread. So, blankets should be sewn neatly to prevent loose threads.

For Frequent Use Get a Washable Blanket

There are high chances of food or liquid spills at a picnic, especially if you have kids. Even if there is no spill, blankets get dirty due to dirt and food crumbs. So, if you want to use the outdoor blanket more than once, it should be washable.

But all blankets are not easily washable, so it is better to research beforehand. You should get a blanket that does not damage when washed in a washing machine. Some materials, such as nylon, cotton, or polyester, are machine friendly. But wool or cashmere custom outdoor blankets cannot bear it.

Check the Custom Print Quality

Some brands print custom designs with poor quality. It ruins the look of the blanket. You can check the reviews or pictures of some products before placing an order. It is quite important, if you are buying the blanket to gift someone or if you are ordering in bulk. You can also write a separate note to the manufacturers. Tell them about your requirements for the quality of the picture, logo, or name.

Select a Blanket That Goes With the Theme

Some people buy custom outdoor blankets for a theme picnic or outdoor gathering. Even if you are arranging a company event, custom blankets should follow the theme. It creates a great impact on the people attending.

You can build a combination of your logo and the theme to design a nice-looking outdoor blanket. Custom logo outdoor blankets leave a long-lasting impression. They will grab the attention of attendees of your business party.



Why Should You Customize an Outdoor Blanket?

There are many ways you can use a custom outdoor blanket. They are an essential part of the picnic bucket. Lightweight outdoor blankets are quite handy if you want to enjoy a sunny day and have food.

Other than eating, you can also use them for lying down. Large custom outdoor blankets are capable of accommodating two people. They can both lie down to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Getting a customized blanket makes it a perfect gift.

Moreover, you can use customized blankets for an outdoor business event. These can be useful if you are throwing an outdoor party for your employees or if you are running a campaign. Customizing the blankets with your company logo can serve marketing purposes.

Of course, you cannot use a picnic blanket daily. But why not use it at home? These outdoor blankets can add a luxury look to your lawn furniture. They can also keep you warm if you want fresh air on a cool evening. Other uses include

  • Campfire
  • Beach
  • Outdoor movies
  • Hiking


Decide the material, size, style, and color for blankets before purchasing. The durability and quality of the custom logo outdoor blankets are vital. After reading this detailed guide, you can select the best custom outdoor blankets. Happy shopping!