How to Wash Polar Fleece Blanket? A Detailed Guide

Polar fleece blankets are soft and lightweight as they consist of polyester fibers. Like the other types of blankets, these also become dirty over time and require washing. This article is the ultimate guide to washing a polar fleece blanket. It also contains a list of substances to avoid using while washing blankets.

Step-By-Step Guide for Washing a Polar Fleece Blanket


Washing a polar fleece blanket includes checking the manufacturer’s guide for instructions. Use mild cleaning agents, pre-treat stains, and set a delicate washing cycle on the machine. The water temperature should also suit it, and the blanket should be immediately removed from the machine after washing.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you wash a polar fleece blanket. (Note that these are the general steps to wash such a blanket. We will discuss the washing requirements of other polar fleece blanket types later.)

  1. Check the manufacturer’s guide or the label for the washing guidelines. Note the various specifications and make sure to follow them to ensure a smooth cleaning process.
  2. Separate the polar fleece blankets of different colors. This will prevent staining of blankets in case of color bleeding. You should separate light and dark colors to avoid such problems.
  3. Choose a mild laundry detergent for the blankets.
  4. Check the polar fleece blanket for any visible stains. Pre-treat these stains beforehand with a small amount of mild detergent, stain cleaner, or dishwashing liquid. Let it sit on the spot for ten minutes, then wipe it off.
  5. If you use a washing machine to clean the blankets, set it to a delicate cycle. This is to prevent damage to the fleece fibers.
  6. The water temperature should follow the manufacturer’s instructions or the care label.
  7. Avoid overloading the washing machine with blankets. There should be enough space for the polar fleece blanket to move around unrestrictedly.
  8. After washing the blanket, make sure to properly dry the blanket before using it. You can dry it in the machine, but it’s recommended to let it air dry.
  9. After drying the blanket in the machine, immediately remove it from the machine. This is to avoid wrinkles or any other damage to the blanket.

The various types of fleece blankets have different characteristics. Therefore, their washing requirements differ slightly. Here are some specific requirements for the different kinds of polar fleece blankets:

  • Traditional blanket polar fleece:

Use cold or lukewarm water along with a mild detergent to prevent damage to the blanket. Choose a gentle cycle on the machine and avoid adding harmful chemicals.

  • Microfleece blanket polar fleece:

Microfleece blankets are soft and lightweight. It is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s instructions while washing these blankets. Cold water, mild detergent, and a gentle washing cycle are suitable.

  • Anti-pill blanket polar fleece:

The design of this fabric allows it to resist the formation of pills on its surface. Use cold water and a mild detergent to wash these blankets. You can use a small amount of fabric softener, but make sure not to exceed its limit to cause damage. Also, you must remember to check the care label for instructions on washing and drying such a polar fleece blanket.

Things To Avoid Using While Washing Blankets

Avoid the contact of harsh liquids to keep the fabric intact. The harsh liquids include bleach, fabric softeners, and intense detergents. These contain chemicals that can cause color fading, loss of durability, and damage to the structure of the blanket. Furthermore, mistakes like overloading the machine and washing the blankets with harsh fibers can damage the blanket.

Bleach can cause damage to the color and structure of a polar fleece blanket. It consists of harsh chemicals that weaken the polar fleece fibers. As a result, the fibers are prone to break down and lose durability. Furthermore, it causes color fading as it is a powerful whitening agent.

Fabric softeners can reduce polar fleece blankets’ softness and moisture-wicking properties. The residue from its chemicals can coat the blanket’s fibers and alter its texture.

Chemicals in harsh detergents damage the synthetic fibers of the blankets. This includes thinning, fraying, and breakdown of these fibers. As mentioned earlier, avoid overloading the machine. This provides more space for the blanket while it’s washing. Furthermore, avoid washing the blankets with harsh fibers to prevent pilling and avoid hot water to prevent shrinking.

When Should You Wash a Blanket?

You should wash a blanket if it has visible stains, is color fading, or has an unpleasant smell. Other reasons to wash a blanket include the accumulation of dust, hair, and body oils. It is necessary to wash blankets regularly to maintain freshness and good hygiene.

If there are visible stains on your blanket, it’s time to wash it. Stains can settle permanently if not removed at the right time. Similarly, unwanted particles like dust, pet hair, and allergens can accumulate on blankets over time. It is best to wash your blankets regularly if they come in contact with these particles.

If you observe fading of color on your blankets, they need a wash. It usually occurs due to sun exposure or frequent use in general. Other than foreign particles, natural oils from your body can damage the blanket. Properly washing such blankets can remove these oils and restore the soft texture.

Observing a foul or musty smell from your blanket is an obvious indication. More importantly, wash your blankets based on how frequently you use them.

Some people are also concerned about washing bulk cheap polar fleece blankets wholesale. Washing blankets, whether expensive or cheap, is always a good idea. Manufacturers put in little effort once they are produced, especially for bulk cheap polar fleece blankets. If you purchase cheap polar fleece blankets wholesale, you should wash them to:

  • Ensure hygiene
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Freshen the bulk cheap polar fleece blankets
  • Remove manufacturing residue, dust, and other unwanted particles

When you plan on washing new blankets, make sure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that the blankets won’t get damaged before they are even used.


Now that you know the steps to wash a polar fleece blanket, you can clean it yourself. Following the tips and information in this article can give your blankets a refreshed look.