Blanket Sizes And Dimensions


Knowing blanket sizes and dimensions is very important. It helps you choose the right size for your bed. Selecting a smaller blanket for a big bed would not be comfortable, and the same goes for oversized blankets.

Companies produce different sizes of blankets to cater to various needs. From baby size to full double bed, the dimensions are made to fit the user’s preferences. However, many people don’t understand sizes and always buy one size for all beds.

This is the wrong approach. It would be best if you chose a blanket that fits your bed. This will save you some bucks and allow you to buy an ideal blanket. This guide will give you all the information on blanket sizes. So, let’s get started!

Importance of the Right Size of Blankets


The right size of the blanket is significant for comfortable sleep. When you choose the wrong size, it will affect your sleep quality. A smaller blanket will leave you feeling constricted, and the effect of such a smaller blanket would be even more harsh on cold winter nights.

On the flip side, oversized blankets can also cause headaches. They are loose and may fall or hang from the sides of the bed. No one likes a blanket to go down; touching the floor does not look good. It can also wake you up in the middle of the night.

Interestingly, the manufacturers make blankets for people of different ages. For example, they produce smaller sizes for babies and toddlers, and their standard-sized blankets are ideal for adults. Choosing the correct blanket size makes you feel more at ease and helps you sleep better.

Blanket Size Chart 


This topic needs detailed elaboration. Before we go into the details, let’s look at the quick table. It explains the names and sizes of different blankets in inches and centimeters. This table is for people in a hurry and looking for quick answers.


Blanket Name Blanket Size (inches) Size  Blanket Size (centimeters)
Twin Blanket 65 x 90 165.1 x 228.6
Double Blanket 85 x 90 215.9 x 228.6
Queen Blanket 90 x 90 228.6 x 228.6
King Blanket 108 x 90 274.3 x 228.6
California King Blanket 102 x 108 259.1 x 274.3
Lovey Blanket 10 x 10 25.4 x 25.4
Cradle Blanket 14 x 30 35.6 x 76.2
Receiving Blanket 30 x 30 to 40 x 40 76.2 x 76.2 to 101.6 x 101.6
Security Blanket 14 x 17 35.6 x 43.2
Premie Blanket 18 x 24 45.7 x 61.0
Stroller Blanket 22-30 by 30-36 55.9-76.2 by 76.2-91.4
Crib Mattress 45 x 60 114.3 x 152.4

Blanket Size and Dimensions for Standard mattresses


As I said earlier, blankets of different sizes that fit standard mattresses are available. The table above gave you an overview. It is time to dive deeper and discuss the size of each blanket and its ins and outs.

1– Twin Blanket Size

This blanket is 65 inches by 90 inches, which means it will be 65 inches wide and 90 inches tall. It’s a good option for kids shifting from their cribs into a big kid’s bed. Moreover, it’s ideal for those who prefer sleeping in a smaller space.

This size blanket perfectly covers the twin bed. If you wear this blanket around your body, it will quickly wrap. This will give you an estimation of how big this twin blanket size is.

2- Double Blanket Size

This blanket is 85 inches wide and 90 inches long. It is one of the most common sizes available in almost every next door. This size quickly covers a full or double bed. Among all the sizes, this blanket is considered standard for adults of all ages.

If you’re a mother, you can sleep on this blanket, and a kid can easily sleep beside you. Both of you will be comfortable. However, I don’t recommend sleeping on this blanket for more than two people. This will cause discomfort.

3- Queen Blanket Size

Queen-size blankets are specially made for couples. They are 90 by 90, which means they have the same width and length. They efficiently cover the queen-size bed, which can accommodate two adults. You might be wondering why this blanket size is considered for a couple.

The reason is that it allows them to sleep together, and they do not have to worry about falling off the blanket. You can easily use them when sleeping on a double or full bed.  It will fit well, with extra material for wrapping around the body.

4- King Blanket Size

This blanket is 108 by 90 inches or 108 inches wide by 90 inches long. It is specially made for king-size beds. Smaller families with babies or toddlers can also use it. Even parents can sleep with their kids using this blanket.

Notably, these king-size blankets are not ideal for a smaller bed. They will be too elongated from the sides. The blanket will touch the floor, which no one likes while sleeping. However, they are a perfect size for those who love to cuddle up in a lot of warmth and feel the coziness of the blanket.

5- California King Blanket Size

It is not a very common size in blankets and is usually used by the larger family. Parents and two toddlers can easily fit under this. The dimensions of the California king blanket are 102 inches by 108 inches. It is the same width as the standard king-size blanket but longer by 18 inches.

I don’t recommend you buy a California king blanket size. The reason is that this blanket size is too big. Once your toddlers get older, they will have their separate blankets. So, the California king blanket will lose its suitability. So, a king-size blanket size is a superior option. This size is standard and can be used even by couples.


Baby Blanket Sizes and Dimensions


In the section above, we discuss the standard sizes of blankets. All of those are suitable for adults or children. However, some small blanket sizes are made for babies. They are both comfortable and practical; parents often use them to swaddle babies.

You can use such blankets in beds, cars, and everywhere you go. Let’s explore the sizes of these baby blankets.

1- Lovey Blanket Size

This is one of the smallest blankets you can buy for your newly born babies. It is usually 10 inches by 10 inches, meaning it is square. So it can easily cover the babies from all sides. These blankets are beautiful in shape.

 Some might have an animal’s face printed on them. Babies love to play with them, and parents use them for swaddling. What makes these blankets stand out is their compact size. They will fit in a diaper bag, so you can carry them anywhere with your baby.

2- Cradle Blanket Size

This blanket is a suitable option for infants due to its coziness. Most parents use this blanket for the initial few months of their newborns. It is 14 inches by 30 inches. Remember that this blanket size is not recommended for babies who can roll over.

The cradle blanket is an excellent option for cribs. You can place it at the bottom of the crib. This will ensure that your baby will feel soft from the bottom. Keep in mind that babies remain in the crib most of the time. So, having softness at the bottom is very important.

3- Receiving Blanket Size

Receiving blankets are just bigger than lovely cradle blankets. The dimensions of these blankets range from 30 by 30 to 40 by 40 (inches). Keep in mind that these are square and very soft. Let’s discuss their manufacturing material.

They are usually made of muslin, which is very soft. Muslin is a light cotton fabric that is soft to the touch and breathable. The good thing about this material is that it is very lightweight, so the blanket made from it is also lighter.


4- Security Blanket Size

These blankets typically measure 14 by 17 inches and provide comfort and security to young children. They are tiny, so you can carry them when going out. I recommend you buy the one with animal faces. Kids love blankets with fun elements.

5- Premie and Stroller Blanket Size

Premie blankets, measuring 18 by 24 inches, are suitable for infants. Many healthcare units use them to warm newborns. On the other hand, stroller blankets are perfect for some babies who sleep in strollers.


They are 22-30 by 30-36 inches and bigger than the premie blankets. The good thing about these blankets is that they are very versatile. You can use them for tummy time, as a play mat, and even as a nursing cover. You can even place one at the bottom of the stroller to make the baby feel soft from the back.


Quick Note: Many Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) use premie blankets. They offer the newborn a feeling like he is still in the womb. They are made with delicate yarn, making them perfect for newborns.

6- Crib Mattress Size

Crib blanket sizes are 45 by 60 inches.  As the name suggests, they are suitable for babies that sleep in the crib. You can use it to cover the baby or the bottom of the crib. Either way, it will help your loved baby feel warm.

You might be wondering at what age babies should sleep with these blankets. These blankets are perfect for babies who put their feet and hands outside swaddling. Different sizes of blankets are available. However, I suggest you buy a bigger one as babies grow fast.

Decorative Throw Blanket Sizes


In the section above, we discussed different types of blankets that are more practical. However, many manufacturers offer blankets that are more geared towards decoration. They are very good at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces. Let’s discuss some of the decorative blankets:


  • Afghan Blanket Size: This blanket is 50 inches x 65 inches. It is enough to cover your lap or spread on the sofas. They are usually hand-made and knitted with care. Due to this, they look very unique. When used in living spaces, such as chairs, beds, etc, they create pleasing looks
  • Lapghan Blanket Size:  These blankets are decorative pieces and provide excellent warmth. You’ll feel very comfortable even on cold winter nights. Their size is 36 inches x 48 inches. Their plus is that they are beautiful. So, they make your living spaces more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Throw Blanket Size: They are very versatile and come in various sizes. However, 50 inches x 60 inches is widespread. They are not as practical as your Lapghan blankets. However, they serve their primary purpose of decorating the living spaces.

Which Blanket Size Should I Choose?


It depends on your needs and the size of your bed. Double and king blanket sizes are considered standard for every home. If your bed is too big or you have a big family, choose the California king-size blanket.


Noticeably, choosing a blanket for babies generally worries everyone. Children are delicate, and we don’t want to put them at risk. Different kinds of blankets with varying materials and sizes are available.


I highly recommend you choose a lightweight and cozy blanket for babies. These blankets don’t burden them extra while keeping them warm. Above all, you should focus on color and prints. Blankets with animal designs are more likely to be loved by your kids.



Blankets are must-haves for every home. From babies to adults, everyone needs them. However, choosing the right size of the blanket is critical. It ensures that you’ll enjoy comfortable and trouble-free sleep throughout the night. 


Many people don’t bother about blanket sizes and dimensions when buying them. In the end, this proved to be a costly mistake. Therefore, this guide provides insight into the sizes of different blankets. After reading this, you can decide on a blanket yourself.