How Do You Choose The Correct Size Blanket For Your Baby?



Being a new parent looks cool, but it brings a new wave of responsibilities. You have to embark on a new journey to protect your child and show some care for your child. In that case, baby blankets turn out to be a big deal!!


But which blanket size is crucial? If you are confused about your selection, don’t worry. We have added detailed steps to measure your demands and elegantly nurture your blood. Let’s discuss the correct blanket dimensions and size for your baby.


Types of baby blankets with different sizes 


Picking the correct blanket size and dimension is a hard nut to crack. Do you know why? It is because of the ever-growing scenarios of infants every month or year. You have to consider the safety, temperature, and growth factors when sifting through the right size of your baby blanket.


Moreover, blanket size and dimension vary depending on the type of baby blanket. Here is the complete guide about the size and dimensions!!


Receiving Blanket


The receiving blanket comes as the smallest one yet has a very significant protection. It is often lightweight and helps in the easy wrapping around the baby and carrying them from hospital to home. A good range of heat and essential aid to the baby makes it a good choice.


The sizes of receiving blankets come from 18 x 18 inches to 36 x 36 inches!!

Swaddle Blanket 


Swaddle Blanket is a must-have blanket type that plays a huge role in calming down the baby. The soft material goes easy on the baby’s skin. Flexibility keeps the baby growing faster and more effectively.


Swaddle blankets have many materials.


  • A cotton swaddle blanket offers good safety for your baby.
  • A bamboo swaddle blanket helps in temperature regulation and keeps the baby healthy.


The size of such blankets ranges from 40 inches to 48 x 48 inches.

Crib Blanket 


What is the age of your baby? If your baby is still in the infancy period, don’t ever use the crib Blanket. It can compromise the safety of the baby and cause respiratory distress, leading to death in exceptional cases. Crib blankets are an optimal choice when your baby has an age of one year or more. 


These blankets are 36 x 54 inches to 45 x 60 inches.

Multi-Use Blanket


The name highlights all about such blanket types. They offer multiple usage scenarios and are good if you travel in a car and must handle your baby effectively. They also provide a good size of 30 x 40 inches.


Choosing the right size of Baby Blanket 


Don’t jump unknowingly until you have done your homework. Consider the following factors and purchase the right size of a baby blanket.


Age and size of your baby


Age and size relate to the genetic growth patterns and help determine the length. For example, a newborn baby needs a smaller blanket. A size of 30×30 inches is good up to 3 months of age.


If your baby’s age is up to 1 year, choose a better option and large size. For example, 36×36 inches or 40×40 inches is a suitable deal for an infant of one year of age. For more than one year of age, you can consider a bigger size than this one!!


Here is the complete list of different sizes of blankets.


Blanket Type Recommended Size Purpose
Receiving Blanket 30×30 inches to 40×40 inches Swaddling, burping, cleaning, light cover
Swaddling Blanket 40×40 inches to 47×47 inches Swaddling, comforting, sleep aid
Crib Blanket 45×60 inches to 45×54 inches Bedding in the crib, providing warmth
Multi-Use Blanket 30×40 inches to 40×60 inches Tummy time, play mat, stroller cover, travel blanket




Think about the sole purpose, as it can change the size. For swaddling blankets, consider the right breathable material. Cotton or muslin is a good choice.


Don’t buy overly big crib blankets, as they can suffocate your baby! Similarly, when purchasing travel blankets, go for the right size and type of your blanket.

Material consideration 


Not only the right size is essential, but also the material. There are a variety of blanket materials with different features.


Here is the list of top materials with their key features.


  • Cotton stands out as the most popular material for the blankets. It is soft and provides a cozy experience to the infants. Plus, its breathable nature keeps it under use for decades.
  • Muslin. Have you heard of this material? It is not being popularly deployed in the swaddling blankets. Thanks to its high breathability and softness, it is perfect for your babies from every aspect.
  • Fleece has become a top choice because of its warm and comfortable nature. It dries faster and helps the babies in the winter season.
  • Bamboo still dominates the blanket industry due to its eco-friendly nature and practical solutions for blanket lovers. It is durable and brings up good comfort. Guess what? It is antibacterial and keeps your baby protected while regulating the temperature.
  • Wool is famous for its warm nature. Though it is not an eco-friendly material, it provides excellent warmth to the baby and increases their growth.


Material Softness Breathability Warmth Hypoallergenic Durability
Cotton Soft High Moderate Generally High
Muslin Soft Very High Low Generally High
Fleece Very Soft Moderate High Generally High
Bamboo Very Soft Very High Moderate Yes High
Wool Moderate (Can be Scratchy) Moderate Very High Yes High




Infant safety is the ultimate goal for the usage of the blanket. But it is not accessible if you don’t focus on the material and size.


If your baby is under 1 year of age, don’t buy the large-size blankets. Go for the recommended materials and choose the lightweight and breathable material. Consider the durability.


You can also go for a quick test on the material’s durability and other features.



If there is summer around, you can’t go for the wool. Instead, go for a suitable material that offers good protection in the summer, such as cotton. In the winter, you can land the warmer fabrics. The popular choices include fleece, wool, or knitted fabrics.


Also, consider the breathability so your baby doesn’t suffocate because of the material.


Why are baby blankets so significant?


Don’t you want to invest money in baby blankets? It is worth your money because of the endless benefits for your babies.


Here are some crucial points that justify using the right blanket size!!


Comfort and safety

Blankets are often soft materials with good support and a cozy environment. Baby blankets remain the top option of the baby’s life. They are alternatives to the mother’s womb. The comfortable climate helps them sleep better. One more thing— blankets keep the temperature optimal and help grow faster. Nurture your baby and boost its growth!



Baby blankets are not simply only helpful in comforting the child. Instead, they offer the following purposes:


  • Swaddling 
  • It serves as a clean surface for the tummy time and gives a comfortable environment.
  • Baby can travel safely with such blankets.
  • Blankets can help in the adequate coverage of babies.
  • They make wrappers around the baby!!


Blankets are useful for all babies up to the age of 3-4 years. Even for adults, it offers a glamorous experience. The versatile uses of the blankets makes them a top choice for babies.

Temperature Regulation 


The extremes of temperature can affect the baby primarily. Hypo and hyperthermia are both quite impactful for the babies. They can cause the immediate death of the baby.


So, how do you protect them? Mother’s womb isn’t available every time. Then what to do? Go for quality blanket materials that retain the temperature. Cotton, fleece, or bamboo can be the ideal choice. Some people go for wool and other materials that are cheaper and bring quality.


Sleep Aid


Don’t disturb me!! That is the motto of every baby!!


So, you can introduce some suitable blanket materials that offers comfort. Cotton is soft and breathable. But consider the right blanket size so that baby can sleep without suffocating. Such materials also regulate the sleeping patterns of the babies.



When taking out your babies on a travel, the extreme temperature can be toxic for their health. They might introduce stress and cause diseases in the babies. But don’t worry when the baby blankets are here. They play an essential role in the management of your babies.


Materials like fleece give a cozy environment while maintaining the inner temperature of the baby. Their softness keeps the baby healthy and safe!




Have you picked up the correct type with the right blanket size? Well, there is one more aspect to focus on— quality fabrics! Choosing the high-end fabrics for your baby blanket is as crucial as the size.


Zhejiang Zengbo Textile stands out as the top supplier of baby blankets. Expect high-quality fabrics such as cotton, fleece, or plush. Let your baby grow faster and feed the right deal. Check out the baby blanket now!