Best Weighted Blanket Manufacturer 2020

As the pace of life accelerates, most modern people are facing multiple pressures from work, study, and life. Over time, the stress turns into physical discomfort, and symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, and hair loss follow. It’s more important to have a good night’s sleep during the whole day of traveling and tiring. Adequate sleep can relieve physical and mental fatigue, but more and more citizens are facing insomnia. At this time, an anxiety blanket will be the best choice for citizens.

Weighted blankets help relieve stress, improve sleep, and are also effective in treating chronic pain. Modern people are paying more and more attention to a healthy lifestyle. This concept has also promoted the development of the weighted blanket industry. More and more people have joined the ranks of the production and sales of heavy blankets. While pursuing profit, they also committed to producing high-quality and low-cost products to bring true benefits to consumers.

Many investors have joined the anxiety blanket business, but it is not easy to make your own brand of heavy blankets stand out. You need to consider many factors such as the quality, weight, touch, appearance, and after-sales service of your heavy blankets. Only by making great efforts in many aspects can you make your weighted comforters stand out. In the manufacturing, promotion, and sale of gravity blankets, it is particularly important to choose a trustworthy weighted blankets manufacturer. A good weighted blankets supplier can not only produce high-quality blankets in bulk but also produce personalized weighted comforters in strict accordance with customer’s requirements while adopting advanced technology and other measures to ensure the delivery time. If you are lucky enough to find a trusted weighted blanket manufacturer, it will definitely save you a lot of time and budget.

Here we selected 5 well-received wholesale weighted blanket manufacturers through screening and comparison and most of them manufacture a wide range of bulk weighted blankets, including cooling bulk weighted blankets, weighted blankets for adults, weighted blanket for kids, etc.

This article aims to provide a little help for investors in the heavy blanket business.

1. Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd

Zengbo weighted blanket



Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd. was established in China in 2007 by Zhu Bangzeng. At first, the company defined itself as a towel manufacturer in China because it only focused on producing customized towels for foreign clients. Then as the advancement of the company, they expanded their product line to beach towels and weighted blankets. The company now aims to offer one-stop service of weighted blankets with the help of innovative technology and effective management. It gives top priority to be a leading supplier of personalized anxiety blankets and spares no efforts to provide good quality and cheap products for clients.

Advantages of Zengbo Weighted Blanket Manufacturer:

  • OEM & ODM Available

The company has ready items, you can choose some of it, or provide your custom design, it can produce towels you want.

  • Complete After Sales Service

An improved after-sales service support system, so that customers are able to have considerate services no matter when and where they are.

  • Strict Quality Control of Production

This weighted blankets wholesale manufacturing company adopts a series of advanced equipment. Each weighted blanket is of high quality and smart design.


Founded in 1993, located in Guangdong, ZOYI INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO., LTD. owns a factory plant over 10000 square meters and more than 150 employees. As a blanket manufacturer, this company specialized in household and home textiles for over 10 years. ZOYI is committed to OEM and ODM services, well -known brands in particular, such as Mercury, Mondale, etc. Moreover, we assist E-commerce company to supply products what sell on Amazon, eBay, and so on. The company has the ability to help clients develop new products on material, design, and packing.

Its main products include wholesale weighted blankets, pillow inserts, duvet set, bed sheet, comforter, etc. The products are shipped all over the world and sold both online stores and offline stores.

Advantages of Nantong Rhino Weighted Blanket Manufacturer:

  • Competitive Price

ZOYI’s weighted blankets and bedding sets and other products will be sold directly without all middlemen in this process. So its clients can get the best price
from the weighted blanket factory side.

  • SGS Certification

ZOYI Weighted Blanket Supplier is majored in manufacturing weighted blankets. Their weighted blankets are SGS certified. The fabric of the heavy blankets and the glass beads filled will be subject to special inspection.

  • Accept Customization

These weighted blankets and kits are all customized. The weighted blanket company can customize the material and size of weighted blankets in strict accordance with customers’ requirements. At the same time, the weight of the weighted comforter and the glass bead material filled can also be personalized.

  • Barrier-Free Communication

Communicate with clients of weighted blankets through phone numbers, email addresses, and other information provided by them. It will have a special person to communicate with clients about any problem of the heavy blankets and solve problems.

  • After-sale Service

In order to prevent clients from being dissatisfied with details of their custom weighted blankets after receiving products. They can contact the manufacturer on time. The supplier will solve the problem according to each actual situation. Its return and exchange guarantee service will protect clients’ rights and interests in the whole process.

  • Timely Delivery

This weighted blanket manufacturer has a standard production department with rich labor resources. So its production will be very efficient and the required delivery date can be assured.


Founded in 2011, Hangzhou FY Textile Digital Printing Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou. This company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of cooling weighted blankets, blankets for kids, and weighted blanket for adults, etc. The weighted blanket manufacturer can supply a wide range of heavy blankets to meet ever-changing market demands. Customized orders are welcomed.

Equipped with over 30 printers, the weighted blanket supplier can provide 500,000 meters per month. Over 100 employees, the supplier can guarantee the required delivery date by clients while with the best-weighted blankets.

Advantages of FY TEXTILE Weighted Blanket Manufacturer:

  • Advanced Production Equipment

Mutoh 1618, Mutoh 1610, Atexo VEGA 6000, Arioli Steamer, Sugyoud Setter

  • Best Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket manufacturer always puts quality first and can assure every client that their customized weighted blankets are perfect in terms of quality.

  • Sampling

FY TEXTILE weighted blanket manufacturer selects superb raw material for each blanket, and the sample will be sent to you for approval.

4. GravityBlankets®

Senso-Rex, the company behind Gravity weighted blanket manufacturer, was founded in 2013. Its heavy blankets are purchased and valued by customers across the world. Each heavy blanket is crafted and manufactured with care. Positive and fair relations among their team help to bring a good working atmosphere for everybody. The weighted blanket manufacturer employed different age groups and each of them offers individual insight and a unique character. The supplier also attaches great importance to engage mentally and physically impaired persons in a part of the manufacturing process. The company is proud of its high-quality weighted blankets which are created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing process that takes place entirely in the EU.

The manufacturer is committed to offering the best-weighted blanket for both kids and adults. The goal of the weighted blanket supplier is to let as many people as possible get benefit from its weighted blankets.

Advantages of Gravity® Weighted Blanket Manufacturer:

  • Advanced Technology

Gravity® weighted blanket manufacturer adopts advanced technology. Its weighted blankets use the power of proprioceptive input, also known as “deep touch” pressure stimulation, which is a well-regarded therapeutic treatment that stimulates pressure points found in the body. This pressure stimulation contributes to the improvement of sleep, mood, and relaxation.

  • Best Materials

Weighted blankets made by the supplier are personalized. Inner weighted insert 100% cotton which comes from organic cotton providers in Spain. The cover is made from high-quality velvet, which makes weighted blankets nice and cozy. The blanket has small square sections that are filled with glass micro-beads, which allows the weight to be distributed evenly.

5. YnM Weighted Blanket Manufacturer

YnM is a professional manufacturer specializing in making and selling YnM weighted blankets. With perfect process control to ensure the best quality. YnM offers the best-weighted blankets specifically made to provide a calming, soothing sensation that can help both kids and adults with anxiety, insomnia, and autism symptoms.

After years of R&D, YnM developed a new revolutionary making technology in 2016: Adopt half machine and half-handmade mode in the manufacturing process of their weighted blankets. This new mode cuts the cost significantly; Adopt a new filling material to all of their weighted blankets: the hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless, and premium micro glass beads.

Advantages of YnM Weighted Blanket Manufacturer:

  • Unique 7-layers Design.

These unique layers by YnM weighted blanket manufacturer are designed to comfortably surround your body and form to your shape while sleeping. When you lie underneath the weighted blanket you will notice that it is suitable to the shape of your body, which helps you get to sleep faster and better.

  • Complete After Sales Service

An improved after-sales service support system, so that customers are able to have considerate services no matter when and where they are. Within three years, YnM will provide a free mending service if your YnM weighted blanket is damaged.

  • Best Materials

YnM Weighted Blanket is made from super-soft, 100% cotton-fabric filled with hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, odorless glass beads. More glass beads and less fiberfill design offer better temperature control.