Weighted blankets, also known as the heavy blankets and gravity blankets, are surging in popularity due to their ability to relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. There is no doubt that they are great goods to promote your home textile business. When you want to find a reliable weighted blanket manufacturer to get your custom weighted blankets in bulk, then Zengbo will be your quite fine choice. Both OEM and ODM service are available.
  • Min Order: 500pcs/solid color; 1000pcs/printed design
  • Main Material: Polyester; Cotton; Glass Beads;
  • Custom Options: size, weight, material, design, logo, private label, package

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Zengbo weighted blanket supplier provides high-quality weighted blankets for global clients. You can fully customize the size, weight, color, design, private label and custom logo of the gravity blankets. Click here to know more about weighted blankets.

  • Weighted filling: Food-grade High Density Plastic Poly Pellet
  • Features: odorless, non-toxic, durable, non-toxic, machine washable, pet and kid friendly, and even enough

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