All Things You Should Know About Weighted Blankets

Might you be wondering what precisely a weighted blanket is or pondering on how it works? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. In this simple but detailed guide, we’re going to explain the key things you should keep in mind before getting these types of blankets.

Now, it’s important to highlight that in the past, these weighted blankets were used by only those children with special needs. However, over time, they’ve brought tremendous therapeutic results when used on adults with special needs or not. With that in mind, here’s all that you need to know about weighted blankets.

What are weighted blankets?

As the name suggests, these are heavy blankets of more than 15 pounds filled with different material from wool to plastic pellets. The idea is that when you sleep in a blanket with such deep pressure, you give your body a calming effect. There are various kinds of weighted blankets you need to check out. These include:

  • Medium Blankets- These 38 by 62 inches blankets are perfect for little children between 6 and 12 years old.
  • Large Blankets- Most of them come with measurements of 38 inches by 72 inches and are ideal for tall teens and adults.
  • Queen and Full Blankets-Determining, the actual weight of these types of blankets, is a bit challenging as this mostly depends on how you intend to use it. If you want to buy a queen or full-sized blanket, contact the store first.

How are weighted blankets designed?

These gravity blankets are manufactured to look like your standard down-filled comforter. Each compartment or box has a weighted material, like feathers or wool. Modern designs have even introduced glass pellets and beads.

By now, you may be asking yourself, “how heavy should my blanket be?” Well, first, choose one depending on your body weight. However, for more accuracy, multiply your body mass by 10% and add one or two Ibs according to your preference. So, if you are an adult of 150Ib, you’ll need a blanket of 15 to 18 pounds.

The advantages of weighted blankets

These blankets provide deep touch pressure commonly known as ‘DTP’ or ‘DPT’ to the entire body. This helps in the secretion of serotonin, which reduces certain functions of the brain. In this sense, these blankets help with sensory regulation and modulation.

Weighted blankets are of various shapes, sizes and are made from different materials. So, under such circumstances, picking out the right one is entirely depends on your tastes and preferences.

However, in many cases, we’ve found people who settle on a blanket based on a few sensory issues and depending on the weighted blanket manufacturer. That said, here are the key benefits of weighted blankets that you should never forget!

  1. They help in solving sleep insomnia

Have you ever had an insomnia-anxiety spiral? Well, this only means that your body is producing high levels of Cortisol. This is a type of stress hormone that’s released when your body is under some stress. It doesn’t have to be a life-threatening situation, but merely feeling upset or anxious.

Luckily, with a weighted blanket, you can comfortably relax and break this vicious cycle. These blankets provide deep touch pressure that’s just what your body needs to ‘cool off.’

  1. They Boost Your Overall Sleep Quality 

Other than just struggling with insomnia, you may also be going through short sleeping cycles or times when you sleep for almost 8 hours but wake up feeling exhausted. Well now, there’s no need for you to continue suffering when you have a weighted blanket with you.

According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, these blankets decrease sleep movements, helping you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Once you wake up, you’ll be feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy a calm night’s rest.

  1. They Are Used For More Than Just Anxiety Problems

While we may have focused on reducing stress and solving the insomnia issue, weighted blankets also assist other people in handling other severe disorders. A good example is a post-traumatic stress, (PTSD), this is according to the PTSD Journal.

It goes on to state that because many of these conditions lower the serotonin levels, the profound touch effect of these blankets will help in returning serotonin to its reasonable amount. They also help adults and children with autism. It helps them to destress, calm down, and focus.

Where to buy a weighted blanket?

You can get a well made weighted blanket on different online retail stores. The good thing is today, there are several sites offering impressive products unlike a decade ago. Most of these blankets are stylish and highly durable. However, before you make the purchase, here are other crucial details to carefully consider:

  • How long the company has been in business
  • What types of products does the organization offer
  • Can you return the blanket if it doesn’t work for you?

How to use weighted blankets?

So, you’ve just come from the store with your brand-new weighted blanket. Sadly though, you don’t quite know how to use it. Well, relax, with our help, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Just, Drape your blanket on your shoulders, or place it on top of your body if you’re lying down.

We should also mention that you can use your blanket at any point or time during the day. It can be at night when sleeping or for an afternoon nap. Lastly, be mindful of any changes that you may encounter when using your weighted blanket. Always keep track of your mood, anxiety levels, heart, and breathing rate as well as sleeping patterns.

How to wash a weighted blanket?

A good number of the weighted blankets you’ll find in wholesale heavy blanket stores today have a washable machine outer layer or duvet cover with entirely perfect fabric texture. So, when yours gets dirty, don’t spend too much time scrubbing it just put it in a fabric washing machine!


Other than being comfortable products, weighted blankets help those with sensory processing disorder. Such a person perceives soft sound to be loud or unbearable noise. In most cases, this condition is seen in autism patients, but other individuals can also experience these sensory processing problems.

All in all, once you use a weighted blanket as a sleep ‘assistant,’ you’re less stressed and anxious. These are two crucial factors in this fast-paced and vastly connected world. Good luck!