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Custom Shower Curtains Wholesale

Looking for a professional shower curtain manufacturer? Do you want to wholesale shower curtains in bulk? Or do you want design your own shower curtains? Here, Zengbo shower curtain supplier is a custom shower curtain manufacturer with 13 years of experience. As a custom made shower curtain supplier, We have our own shower curtain factory in China, experienced designers, and reliable raw material suppliers, which help us to offer the most competitive price and available highest quality to all clients. Zengbo can provide you with wholesale shower curtains, custom shower curtains wholesale, custom size shower curtains, custom printed shower curtain and customized shower curtains with pictures services. As a shower curtain supplier, Zengbo shower curtain manufacturing company will be your best business partner!

OEM/ODM service: Professional one-stop custom shower curtains solution for global shower curtains suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, shops, and brands.

Min Order: 100 pcs; Basic material: Polyester;
Wide usage: Home Bathroom, Restroom, Master Bathroom, Kids Bathroom, Power Room, Guest Suite, Hotel Shower Room, and some commercial use.
Customized service: custom size shower curtains, custom printed shower curtains, commercial shower curtains bulk,
design your own shower curtains, customized shower curtain with pictures.
Custom shower curtains listed below are some of our finished projects, maybe they can be some reference for you. If you want to print your own shower curtain, please feel free to contact us, let’s make them come true!

More information about our service:

Zengbo shower curtains supplier provides wholesale shower curtains, bulk shower curtains, and custom shower curtains service to address clients’ needs.

Custom shower curtain types: Polyester fabric shower curtain;
PEVA shower curtain
Custom Colors: clear, blue, pink, red, green, white, teal, purple, black, brown, yellow, gray, gold, orange, navy blue, and so on.
Custom Sizes: 180X180CM, 180X200CM, 200X200CM, and other custom size shower curtains.
Custom designs and printings: Solid color, rustic, luxury, shabby chic, elegant, ruffle, fancy, funky, cute, cool, portable, foldable, unique, modern, colorful, vintage, coral, floral, tree, monogrammed, mandala, owl, butterfly, animal, cartoon and other custom printed shower curtains, square/round/curved shower curtain, hookless shower curtain, etc.
Custom logo, private label, and customized packaging are also available.
Export market: Zengbo shower curtain manufacturer exports custom shower curtains all over the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, South Africa, and more countries.

Know about shower curtain:

A curtain always used in the bathroom, has two main purposes: providing privacy and preventing water from spraying or flooding outside the shower area to make sure your shower room is protected from structural and mildew damage.

There are shower curtains in plastic, PEVA, vinyl, cotton, polyester, or a blend of material. Some shower curtains may need to use with liners, rings, shower hooks&rods, magnets, and suction cups. People should choose the right shower curtains according to the overall appearance of their bathrooms. Nowadays, the bathroom shower curtains also can be regarded as decoration because of their beautiful colors and attractive patterns.

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