TOP 10 Custom Beach Towel Manufactrers


Now more and more families are going to the beach to play or have picnics on the grass. Therefore, beach towels have gradually become something that people must bring. The size of beach towels is more significant than that of bath towels. But beach towels have richer patterns and brighter colors than bath towels. So when playing outdoors, you can use beach towels to wipe and cover the body after exercise. You can also use it for tiling on the beach or grass. So when people buy beach towels, they usually choose pure cotton products. So which brands of cotton beach towels are more reliable? We recommend several well-known beach towel manufacturers.

The Spruce

The Spruce is an iconic brand with a long history. So he has been very popular with everyone to this day. Suppose you are looking for a simple beach towel that does the job and looks stylish. Then The Spruce striped towel is a good choice. Beach towels are inexpensive and are made of 100% ring-spun cotton. They have retro colors such as navy blue and sky blue. So they will look great on a hot beach. Fold the beach towel on a beach chair as a good choice. Although The Spruce towel may not be the highest quality towel on the market, its low price and high-quality materials make it the best towel overall.


JustBeachTowels is a family-owned company headquartered in Tampa, Florida. is a well-known manufacturer of beach towels. The managers of the company are Chris and Karrie Mueller. They started as a hobby and developed into a large-scale enterprise. He produces all kinds of beach towels. There are many types of beach towels beyond imagination. Beach towels from JustBeachTowels are ideal for swimming pools or beaches. Because they are light in weight, they are more absorbent than other types of cotton and dry quickly.


Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 by Zhu Bangzeng in China. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing customized wool blankets. As the company grew, they expanded the product line to include fabric shower curtains and beach towels. The advantage of beach towels is their rich experience and professional follow-up actions as a quality-oriented beach towel manufacturer. The custom blankets, custom shower curtains, fabric beach towels, and polyester bath mats they produce are all perfect in quality. Suppose you want to choose beach towels with suitable quality and price. And want to have an excellent absorbent beach towel, choose zengbo.


Tesalate is a very low-key company. The beach towels it produces are very luxurious. The gorgeous beach towel is made of 95% Turkish cotton (and a small polyester fiber). All beach towels are sewn by hand. The beach towel also comes with hand-tied tassels. Beach towels can be used as summer scarves, wraps, or coverings. You can even use them as bath towels because they are costly and the artistry is very delicate! Beach towels consider all factors. If you are looking for a stylish and well-made beach towel, Tesalate is a good choice.



Whether you like elegantly designed and luxuriously designed beach towels or designed beach towels. You can choose Lands’End if you are looking for a beach towel that is the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Then Lands’End.’s beach towels will bring the luxury you want. Lands’End.’s beach towels consider all usage factors. If you are looking for a luxury beach towel, and it can quickly absorb water. Then Lands’End.’s beach towel is undoubtedly the winner.


Suppose you need a beach blanket large enough to accommodate the entire family. If you want beach towels to have room for beach toys, Westelm’s extra-large beach towels are the best choice. This oversized beach towel is 20% larger than most beach blankets and is an impressive 9 x 8 feet. To make travel easier, it is equipped with an all-in-one grocery bag with compression straps so that you can store it in a beach tote bag at the end of the day. Its price is also meager. It is half the price of ordinary beach towels. But if you have no requirements for the quality of beach towels. Then wezst elm’s beach towel is a good choice.

Pottery Barn Teen

Suppose the family goes on a beach holiday together. So it’s important to have a cute beach towel. And, this cute hooded beach towel may make it more fun to dry and go home. It has many designs, including pretty patterns such as small fish, crabs, and pirates. Everyone has different details, such as flippers or claws. Your child feels that he is dressing up every time he uses it. Increase the time spent playing with children. The beach towel is made of 100% cotton. Suppose you are choosing a beach towel for your child. Pottery Barn Teen’s beach towel is a good choice.


Society6 is a very artistically designed beach towel manufacturer. The beach towels they produce have a solid artistic flavor. Society6 likes to integrate art design into life. As a beach towel manufacturer, it mainly produces not beach towels. There are many types of products made by Society6. However, beach towels are not his main product. But he has many design details that other beach towel manufacturers do not have. Its beach towels are made of lightweight and durable nylon. It also has enough storage space for sunglasses, keys, and other beach items. Even this beach towel is less absorbent than most. But as daily use is entirely possible.


PureWow is a digital media lifestyle brand owned by Gallery Media Group, a media company dedicated to increasing enthusiasm. At PureWow, they are dedicated to finding ways to make your life more creative, beautiful, and manageable. They focus on beauty, food, health, and family, meeting you in all aspects of your life. PureWow has always insisted on making the best beach towels.


You can see and feel Pendleton’s passion for quality. Pendleton’s beach towel material is the softness of luxurious 100% natural wool clothing. They have been a family business for 150 years. And for 104 years, we have been weaving world-class wool in the Northwest Textile Mill. Over the years, their expertise and technology have continued to develop, and they have transformed this experience into many other luxury fabrics. But their quality has always been excellent.