Minky Blanket Wholesale: Types, Advantages, and Uses

The Minky blanket wholesale is a compelling business venture in 2023. More and more fabric businesses are adopting minky fabric because of its increasing demand. Here, we will discuss the origin, types, advantages, and uses of minky blankets. We will also explain how you should select a wholesale blanket manufacturer to boost your business productivity.

What are Minky Blankets?

A Minky blanket is a special kind of soft, cozy blanket produced from the plush fabric known as Minky. The fabric is made solely from polyester and is prized for its fluffiness, comfort, and durability. The blankets are popular among people of all ages but are more prominently used for babies.

They come in an enormous range of hues, patterns, designs, and sizes. Minky blankets with embroidery and prints with popping colors are also common. These blankets need little maintenance since you can use the machine to wash and dry them.


Origin and History of Minky Blankets

The Minky fabric gained popularity in the United States in the 1990s. The material was created as a synthetic substitute for conventional fur textiles. Soon afterward, people started loving it.

The idea of using this fabric (for making blankets) originated in the early 2000s. Initially, Minky baby blankets became a hit because they were soft and hypoallergenic. Since then, these blankets have been increasingly popular, and you can now find many types in the wider category.

Nature and Characteristics of Minky Blankets

The Minky blankets have many characteristics that make it a huge success. These blankets leave others behind due to their texture, strength, ease of maintenance, and other qualities. Let’s look into each of the attributes one by one:

  • Minky blankets are very soft. In fact, they are sometimes called cuddle blankets because they feel good against the skin. These blankets are high pile and cozy.
  • Minky blankets are durable because they are polyester products. These blankets will last a long time because they do not tear easily.
  • The blankets are lightweight, so you can carry them in your luggage.
  • Minky blankets are warm even though they are light in weight. These blankets are ideal for use in the winter season because they provide good insulation.
  • The blankets are easy to wash. You can even clean them in a washing machine. However, if you want to extend its life, avoid harsh detergents that ruin fabrics.
  • The blankets can be soothing for many people. The texture also helps people struggling with sensory processing difficulties.
  • Minky blankets are available in many types based on colors, sizes, and patterns. You can also customize them according to your needs.
  • The blankets are ideal for many uses, such as baby blankets, throws, curtains, etc.

What Are the Different Types of Minky Blankets?


The different types of minky blankets are categorized according to the number of layers, thickness, or design. In terms of layers, the types include single, double, and triple-ply blankets. While in the case of design, some types are solid color, animal or floral print, hooded, seasonal, and personalized minky blankets.

Types of Minky Blankets Based on Layers and Thickness

Minky blankets come in different layers and thicknesses. The following types of minky blankets are common:

  1. Standard single-ply minky blankets. These soft blankets are the thinnest because they consist of a single Minky fabric layer.
  2. Double-ply minky blankets are thicker than standard ones because they have two layers. These blankets might have fleece or another material sandwiched between the Minky layers. These are softer and warmer.
  3. Triple-ply minky blankets with three layers. These blankets are ideal for people living in cold areas.
  4. Weighted minky blankets. As one might infer from the name, these blankets are heavier. They have pellets inside the layers that add weight to provide a comforting sensation.

Types of Minky Blankets Based on Design

There are many types of minky blankets with different designs, such as

  1. Hooded blankets covering baby’s heads
  2. Seasonal blankets with specific motifs
  3. Animal or floral print blankets
  4. Geometric design blankets
  5. Customized blankets
  6. Solid color blankets

What Are the Advantages of Using Minky Blankets?

There are many advantages of using minky blankets, and that is a reason for their polarity. People love these blankets because they

  • Do not need high care (throw it in the machine with a gentle setting)
  • Feel satisfying against the skin since they are soft and comfortable
  • Are versatile and suitable for different occasions and purposes
  • Improve sleep quality and ensure a healthy heart
  • Hypoallergenic and safe for adults and babies
  • Are perfect level of warmth, i.e., not too hot
  • Reduce stress and regulate the mood
  • Maintain softness after many washes
  • Do not fade in color
  • Non-shedding
  • Non-pilling
  • Durable

How Can You Use Minky Blankets?

You can use the minky blankets at home as throws or bedding. Since they are extremely soft, you can use them as baby blankets or as a layer inside your baby’s crib. Personalized Minky blankets serve as thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Home Comfort and Decor

When it comes to comfort there is no better fabric than minky. Its use at home is increasing every day because people are looking for trendy yet comfortable fabrics. You can use Minky blankets in your bedrooms and not just as blankets but also for bedding. The fabric is suitable for sheets and covers, especially in the winter season.

These blankets add a cozy feel to the bedrooms by providing warmth. Moreover, the texture of this fabric ensures a satisfying night’s sleep. Put these blankets in the guestroom to add warmth and welcoming touch. If you are into quilting you might want to add the minky fabric for a fluffier texture.

Apart from bedding, you can use minky blankets for decorating your house. These blankets can be used as throws for sofas and chairs in your living room. Or you can use them as throws for outdoor settings such as in your backyard.

You can choose a warm shade minky throw for cozy room decor, or put a bright popping throw for funky decor. These throws add aesthetic value and can add warmth on a winter evening.

These blankets are available in countless designs and make beautiful accent pieces, such as rugs. Similarly, you can fashion the minky fabric into cushions for your couch and pillows for your bedroom. Minky curtains can also add a comfy vibe.

Minky Baby Products

All businesses manufacturing baby products prefer minky because of its softness. These products must be soft, comfortable, and should not be allergic. So the answer to all these troubles is minky fabric.

The minky blankets feel gentle and soft on the skin and help put babies to sleep. Adding layers of these blankets to the baby cot or crib creates a snug sensation that soothes and calms babies.

You can also spread these blankets wherever your baby is playing. They are available in single or double-ply, so you can choose according to the season. Apart from blankets, minky fabric is used to make baby accessories, for example, baby bibs, nappies, and clothes. These products are easy to wash, warm, and absorb baby spills.

Moreover, babies and kids of all ages love to play with soft toys. Minky teddy bears and other toys are ideal for cuddling and bring happiness and comfort.

Minky Gifts Ideas

Invited to a baby shower and don’t know what gift to get? Minky blankets can be gifted on many special occasions. Be it baby showers, birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, or Christmas, gifting a blanket is thoughtful.

The best part is that these blankets are customizable. You can choose any design and gift a personalized blanket. It shows that you have put thought into selecting the gift.

Travel Essentials

Travel essentials must be lightweight and comfortable, so minky products are ideal. Minky blankets are easy to fold and carry and keep you warm during your journey. Some neck pillows are also covered with minky fabric for providing comfort and reducing stress.

All You Need To Know About Minky Blanket Wholesale

Minky blanket wholesale means buying Minky blankets from a manufacturer at a reduced cost in large numbers. Wholesale blankets are perfect for companies who wish to buy a big number of blankets at a lesser price. They are ideal for individuals planning a startup with a low budget. These blankets are commonly sold to online stores and retailers who wish to provide a plush and cozy blanket to their clients.

Advantages of Wholesale Minky Blankets

There are many advantages to buying minky wholesale blankets. Some of them are as below:

  1. Saves a notable amount of money. Buying blankets wholesale reduces the price as compared to buying small quantities. Most manufacturers have impressive wholesale deals that can be cost-effective in the long run.
  2. If you are a business person, you must know the fear of running out of the supply. Buying minky blankets in bulk can take that stress off you. The blankets will always be available whether you sell them online or at your retail store.
  3. Investing in one good manufacturer will lower the pressure of maintaining the blanket quality. Wholesale ensures consistency and helps businesses build trust with their customers.

Challenges of Wholesale Minky Blankets

Some businesses might face these challenges when they buy minky blankets wholesale:

  1. Startups and small businesses find it difficult to deal with a high minimum order quantity of minky blankets.
  2. Minky fabric is more expensive than other fabric types, so buying it wholesale can be costly.
  3. Finding a reputable manufacturer who maintains quality can be tough.
  4. The wholesale fabric might not be available in certain seasons.
  5. Shipping and storage costs can be high for small businesses.

How To Find Reliable Minky Blankets Wholesale Manufacturers?

You can find reliable bulk minky blankets manufacturers by doing your research. You should check the shipping policy, customization options, and selling licenses. You can also request a sample to check the quality of minky blankets. Here are some tips that can help you land a reliable wholesale minky blanket manufacturer:

  • Ask for a sample to check the softness and durability of minky blankets.
  • Look for the required documents, such as licenses or certifications.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website to see if it looks professional.
  • Check how many days it takes for them to deliver.
  • Read the customer reviews under the products.
  • Analyze their customer service.

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How Much Does Minky Blankets Wholesale Cost?

The payment of wholesale/bulk minky blankets varies with each manufacturer. Most manufacturers have a cost per unit that decreases as you increase the number of blankets. Some suppliers also have a minimum order quantity for wholesale. To enjoy the wholesale prices, you must order more than that quantity. You might have to pay more in case of customized orders.