How to wash sherpa blanket



Many people have a sherpa blanket in their homes. The sherpa blanket is a good thing to keep out the cold. If you own things made of wool, whether it’s clothes or blankets, you need to know how to take care of them. Unfortunately, most people don’t know How to wash sherpa blankets and how to keep sherpa soft.


How to remove stains on Sherpa blankets

Be sure to check your Sherpa blanket for stains before you start washing. If left unchecked, it may seep into the material and become more difficult to remove.


A.Ordinary stains

For ordinary stains, you can use dish soap to loosen the fibers. The specific method of use is to soak the stained area in detergent water for ten minutes. Oil stains can also be removed in this way.


B.Tricky stains

For tricky stains, there are two better methods. First, use baby powder to rub the stain vigorously, and then let it sit overnight. The second method is to sprinkle some cornstarch on the stain.


How to wash sherpa blankets with machine and hands


A.Machine wash Sherpa blanket

1.Be sure to use cold water
Generally, hot or warm water is the best water for washing clothes. But for your Sherpa blanket, please use cold or warm water.
2.Don’t let the blanket twist into a ball.
3.Lay flat to dry
The best way to keep your Sherpa blanket from damage is to flatten it. Air drying is very friendly to sherpa blankets. If you don’t have enough space, you can also hang it on the clothesline. The only disadvantage is that the drying time is longer, which may take more than a day.


B.Hand wash Sherpa blanket

1.Pour cold water into the basin

2. Add 1/4 cup of mild detergent to the water

3. Soak your Sherpa blanket in soapy water for about 10 minutes
4. Rub and wash with a sponge or soft brush
5. Rub the stain on the stain with a stain remover
6. Continue to rinse under the tap until no foam is visible
7. Place it on flat ground to air dry
In general, the best way to wash sherpa blankets now is to use a machine. You don’t have to worry about the stirring of the machine that will deform your sherpa blanket. Even if you use a machine, your sherpa blanket remains in its original state. Then you will How to wash sherpa blankets.


Notes on how to wash sherpa blanket

The following part needs your attention and is also the core of this article
——How to wash sherpa blankets. We will talk about machine washing and hand washing. Each part has issues that need attention.


A.Do not use hot water washing and hot clothes dryers

For cleaning sherpa blankets, cold water is the ideal choice. Washing with cold water will not cause excessive stress on synthetic fibers and reduces the chance of fading. Hot water shrinks the fibers in the blanket and causes them to pill. The more heated the blanket, the more it will lose its soft texture and become rough.


B.Must be cleaned separately

Another thing worth noting is that the sherpa blanket should be washed separately from other clothing. Because it may become tangled or pulled during the mixing process, deforming the blanket.


C.Do not use fabric softener and dryer sheets

Some people will ask how to keep sherpa blanket from matting. Avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets. This is because their synthetic materials are not compatible with natural fibers. Fabric softener and dryer sheets can break down fibers and cause more shedding. Therefore, if you want to further protect the blanket, please use dish soap instead of ordinary detergent.


D.Be sure to rinse the blanket thoroughly

In addition to using a mild detergent, there is one more thing worth noting to make sure that the blanket is rinsed clean. Make sure to rinse off all detergent before the blanket is dry. If there is residue, it will cause the blanket to pill. In order to avoid this situation, it is best to use an appropriate amount of detergent.


E.Do not use the machine to dry

Some people will ask how to keep sherpa blanket from matting. Don’t use the machine to dry. Drying with a dryer will shrink your sherpa blanket. Therefore, even if the natural air drying time is relatively long, we should not use a dryer to dry.



Sherpa blankets are a must-have item for the home. Now we must not only learn how to clean sherpa blankets but also how to keep sherpa soft. Let’s summarize how to clean sherpa blankets. The first is to avoid high temperatures, and the second is to avoid friction. This will keep your sherpa blanket in its original state and soft.