How to Make a Bath Mat Out of Fabric?

Bath mates are required to have a rubbing texture that can be used to easily dry your wet feet before you keep them your on room carpet. Buying a rug for the bathroom can be hefty and expensive. Also, when you can make a bathroom mat at home by using some old fabric then why to spend money on the mats? But the problem is that many people don’t know how to make bathroom rugs at home, So, here is the step by step guide by using which you can make the bathroom mats or rugs at your home.

DIY Rugs and mats are way beautiful and unique as well as least expensive when it comes to comparing them with the mats and rugs you buy from shops. Also, the process is not very difficult and anyone can do it with some concentration. Your first ever Bath mat may not look so pro, however, with the passage of time, you will become able to make amazing rugs and mats.

Here I am telling you the step by step process to make Fabric Braided bathroom mat.

Finding the Old Unusable Fabric

Every year, when we start doing setting for our winter or summer clothes, we find plenty of scarves, shirts, jeans, and other clothes that are not useable anymore. Instead of throwing them out keep those with you and you can use it to make the DIY Bath Mats or Rugs. As many colorful clothes, you will have that much colorful your rug will look.

Cut the Strips of the Fabric

Now it is time that cut the strips of the fabric. Make sure the size of the strips is uniform and equivalent to each other to give a perfect look to your Bath Mat. When I had made the mat, I dimensioned strips into a 4/6 size. As we going to use this fabric for braids, hence make sure that the strips are not so long as it can problem you in braiding.

Making Braids out Of Fabric Straps

Now it is time that you start making braids. It is not very difficult as you can simply make braids by using three straps just like you do for hair braids. Make sure that the rough and threads of the fabric are nicely cut, however, keep the rough side on the back and try to make your braids look neat and tidy. To give a unique look to the fabric braids, you can make them out of three different colored straps or at least one different color that you will use in the middle. The number of the braids depends upon the length of the straps.

Sewing the Braids Together:

Simple needle and thread that you may use to sew quilts are good and that you can buy from any shop or store near you. To sew the braids, you will have to determine the shape of the bathroom mat. Such as, if you want a square shaped rug or mat, then make lines of the braids by keeping them side by side and start sewing. Try to take small stitches so that it won’t disturb the overall look of the mat. On the other hand, if you want a round shaped mat, start rolling the braids from middle and then stitch the roles. Stich till the last strap and yes, your bathroom mat is ready.

So, this explains how you can make a bath Mat out of fabric in an interesting way.