Top 5 Best Beach Towel Manufacturers

With the rapid development of society and the improvement of living standards, people’s leisure and entertainment methods are also wonderful. Research shows that more and more people choose to relax on the beach with family and friends in their spare time. This entertainment method naturally promotes the business of beach towels.


Many investors choose to open the beach towel manufacturer, but it is not easy to make your own brand of beach towels stand out and become the best beach towel manufacturer. You need to consider many factors such as the quality, touch, appearance, and after-sales service of your towels. Only by making great efforts in many aspects can you become the best beach towel manufacturer. In the manufacturing, promotion, and sale of beach towels, it is particularly important to choose a trustworthy beach towel factory.


A good custom beach towel manufacturer can not only produce high-quality towels in bulk but also produce personalized towels in strict accordance with customers’ requirements while adopting advanced technology and other measures to ensure the delivery time. If you are lucky enough to find a reliable custom beach towel manufacturer, it will definitely save you a lot of time and budget.

Here we selected 5 well-received wholesale beach towels suppliers through screening and comparison and most of them manufacture a wide range of towels, including embroidered beach towels, monogrammed beach towels,  kids towels, and personalized beach towels, etc.

This article aims to provide a little help for investors in the beach towels business.

1. Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd

Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd. was established in China in 2007 by Zhu Bangzeng. At first, the company defined itself as a towel manufacturer in China because it only focused on producing customized towels for foreign clients. Then as the advancement of the company, they expanded their product line to beach towels and bath rugs. The company aims to offer one-stop service of towels with the help of innovative technology and effective management. To be the best beach towel manufacturer is the top priority and spare no effort to provide customers with high-quality and cheap towels.

Advantages of Zengbo Beach Towel Manufacturer:

  • OEM & ODM Service

The company offers a one-stop labeling service for clients no matter where they are. With the help of outsourcing design, production, and labeling, this beach towel manufacturer can save your time and add your benefits.

  • Good quality Beach Towels

This custom beach towel factory always puts quality first and can assure every client that their customized beach towels are perfect in terms of quality.

  • Competitive Price

If you buy or manufacture beach towels in bulk from Zengbo, they can offer you the most competitive factory price as well as good-quality towels.

  • Private Labelling

Zengbo can manufacture private label beach towels in strict accordance with clients’ requirements.

  • Shipment

International shipment through Express lines, air-freight, train, sea-shipping. The delivery date can be assured.

  • Sampling

This towels supplier selects superb raw material for each beach towel, and the sample will be sent to you for approval.

2. A Plus Textiles

A Plus Textiles (1)


A Plus Textiles is an international custom beach towel manufacturer. They make different types of towels according to clients’ specifications, including custom printed beach towels, baby beach towels, and other personalized beach towels.

Being a well-known and the best beach towel manufacturer, the company pursues excellent professionalism and value in this industry. It is in strict accordance with customers’ demands and works to accommodate their deadlines, order sizes, specifications, and customization involving embroidery, printing, weaving, and engraving.

Only selecting premium materials and the most advanced manufacturing methods, A Plus Textiles makes a big step on innovative, durable, customized, and comfortable beach towels production. Every towel they produce is the best available for its intended application.

The fabrics and dyes adopted are free of phthalates, heavy metals, formaldehyde, AZO dyes, and all other potentially harmful substances. A Plus Textiles acts up to international safety requirements and abides by safety regulations regarding towel manufacturing.

They’ve built many long-term relationships with clients across the world over the years, which brings them great joy to grow together with their partners.

Advantages of A Plus Textiles Beach Towel Manufacturer:

  • Experience

Over 10 years of towel production and OEM processing experience. Its factory has a complete production line.

  • Team

The professional and efficient team, including salesman, operational staff, designers, customer service, and so forth.

  • Competitive Price

Not limited to the order quantity, color, printing pattern, size with favorable price.

  • Quality

Each of their craftsmen receives comprehensive training for the three-phase quality control process and continuously implements the steps throughout production.

3. Qi Hai Textiles

Qi Hai Textiles (1)


Qihai Textile Co., Ltd is one of the largest professional towels manufacturers in China at present. It has a wide range of towels such as beach towels, microfiber towels, bath towels, etc. Being a custom beach towel manufacturer with over 7 years of development, now they possess over 8,000 square meters of production area and 250 workers. Now they are the top 10 towel manufacturers in China. Their monthly production capacity can reach 150,000 pieces. As one of the best beach towel manufacturers, they have their own researching & development & design department, they offer new designer beach towels to old clients at a fixed period.

Advantages of Qi Hai Textiles Beach Towel Manufacturer:

  • Experience

This towel manufacturer has skilled craftsmen with an average of more than 10 years of industry experience. They boast an extremely low defect rate and a fast production time and still continue to improve their skills through training.

  • Materials

The supplier only adopts premium-grade yarns with fewer impurities and high durability. Its dyes are free of harmful chemicals, but are colorfast and won’t fade with daily use.

  • Quality

Each of their craftsmen receives a comprehensive manual for the three-phase quality control process and continuously implements the steps throughout production.

  • Technology

This manufacturing company uses high-speed rapier weaving machines that are 1.5 times faster than the industry standard. These machines require less human labor, resulting in fewer defects in the finished product.

4. Suzhou Renyu Textile Co., Ltd

Suzhou Renyu Textile Co.,Ltd

This manufacturer that sells various towels in bulk, with years of experience in the industry combined with the unmatched expertise of textile production, Suzhou Renyu Textile Co., Ltd has emerged as one of the top-notch and globally acknowledged wholesale towels suppliers based in China. The company manufactures personalized towels, organic towels and microfiber towels, and a wide range of designer personalized towels, personalized beach towels in particular.

The company uses the best quality fabrics like Turkish cotton, Microfiber, or Egyptian cotton, and other synthetic materials to craft the bulk beach towels using excellent craftsmanship. Advanced technologies are used to produce these towels that are available in the widest assortment of colors, prints, cuts, and sizes. Richly styled, they are flanked with embroideries, embossed with logos or prints, or showcase the monochromatic designs. It strives to make quality towels, that promise quick absorption, smooth and fine texture, and comfortable on the skin with a long time and fade-free finesse.

Advantages of Renyu Beach Towel Manufacturer:

  • Good Quality

The towels manufacturer has a professional quality control system and R&D department to strictly manufacture each product. They use the best raw material and 100% test.

  • Complete Service

This custom beach towel manufacturer offers a cost-effective price, operates a strict quality system, makes prompt shipment, keeps tracking the goods during transportation in time, offers the best after-sales services. The company always tries its best to meet clients’ requirements including price, quality, package, and shipment, etc. They aim to build up long-term cooperation with each client.

  • OEM & ODM Available

The company has ready items, you can choose some of them, or provide your custom design, it can produce towels you want.

  • 10 -15 Days Quick Delivery

This beach towel factory has mass production and stock & ready items, for these items, it offers 5 – 7 days quick delivery time. For your special requirement, it will trade you as the priority customer and to produce your cargo for the first time.



Oasis Towels is a renowned and the best beach towel manufacturer USA. This custom beach towel manufacturer aims to produce premium quality towels with innovative technology and the best raw materials. Its outstanding services and good quality beach towels make them stand apart from other beach towels manufacturers, and it has enabled this company to become one of the best beach towels manufacturers USA. Its catalog contains a wide range of towels, including bath towels, beach towels, and hair towels, etc. beach towels in particular. The purchasing department makes sure that the raw material is of high quality. Each beach towel is produced with the most exquisite details to keep it gentle and soft for the users.

Their professional team behind the manufacturing company is continually thriving to enhance the quality of the towels by keeping up with the technology and the material to make them more long-lasting and soft. The specialized team ensures quality at each of production and provides the best after-sale services to clients.

With years of hard work and expertise, Oasis Towels has successfully made a footprint among the towel manufacturing companies and be one of the best beach towel manufacturers in the international as well as a local market.

Advantages of OASIS Beach Towels Manufacturer:

  • Complete Production Line

Oasis Towels has a complete production line and a fully equipped workshop. Then the required delivery date by clients can be assured.

  • Strict Quality Control of Production

This towel manufacturing company adopts a series of advanced equipment including water-jet looms, printing equipment, laser cutting machine, and sewing machine. Each beach towels are of high quality and smart design.

  • Complete After Sales Service

An improved after-sales service support system, so that customers are able to have considerate services no matter when and where they are.