How to make a sherpa blanket soft again

Sherpa blankets are like sheep’s wool. They are made from soft and warm synthetic fiber. These blankets are soft and durable. Sherpa blankets are extensively used in the home for bedding. These blankets are also a good option to keep with you while traveling. These blankets keep you cozy during cold nights.

Sherpa blankets have two sides, one is made from fleece-like fabric, which is very soft and warm, and the other is made from smooth knit fabric. These blankets are the lovely accessory of every house. Sherpa blankets are made from polyester fabric but feel like natural wool, making them soft and warm. Sherpa blankets are not too heavy. how to keep sherpa fluffy? You can wash it once a month to maintain its fluffiness. 

It is an essential thing about how to care for sherpa blanket. If you have sherpa blankets and you think these are getting rough and dirty. Maintaining the softness of sherpa blankets is not difficult if you take care of them properly and handle them carefully on time. However, washing and maintaining sherpa blankets require extra care. Using our two best methods, you can make sherpa blankets fluffy and clean again. 

You need to learn proper methods to make sherpa blankets soft again. You can make them clean instantly by washing and brushing. But it will reduce the durability and shinning of sherpa blankets. They can easily tear by washing and brushing hardly. So you need to handle them carefully because sherpa blankets are delicate. Here we will discuss two tricks and methods to make sherpa blankets soft again without losing their durability and shinning. 

How do you wash sherpa blankets – Wash sherpa blankets with vinegar

Vinegar is the best liquid in our kitchen space. It makes clothes soft and retains their fluffiness of clothes. vinegar uses in different home remedies, and for laundry purposes, it is best for removing the hardness of clothes. It is also used to remove stains and odors. 

Here we give complete guidelines about how you wash sherpa blankets.

  • The most effective method of making sherpa blanket soft is washing it with vinegar. Vinegar will make sherpa blanket fluffy again. You can wash sherpa blanket in your washing machine with a light machine setting, e.g., delicate cycle, light cycle, gentle cycle, etc. 
  • You should select ingredients for washing carefully. Use best quality white vinegar instead of detergent and use cold water. Set washing machine on long cycle with delicate setting.
  • f your sherpa blanket is too dirty, you can use mild good, quality detergent or softener. 
  •  Avoid using warm water when dealing with a sherpa blanket. It will damage the blanket texture.
  • After washing, ensure the detergent is thoroughly rinsed; otherwise, it will harm the sherpa blanket appearance.
  • Place it under dry air for a short period. 


  • Avoid using warm water.
  • Don’t dry it with iron or machine dryer it will further damage the texture.

How to clean sherpa blanket – Brush sherpa blanket to remove matting

Brushing is another important method for making the blanket soft again. It will help retain the sherpa blanket’s softness and make it look soft and clean again. Brushing gently in unidirectional flow with a soft bristle brush can remove the matted build-up fur from the blanket. You can use a lint roller, comb, or fabric shaver to restore the sherpa blanket. 

Here are complete guidelines about how to keep sherpa blanket fluffy.

  • Take out a still damp blanket from the machine and shake it to remove any debris. 
  • Now prepare the area where you keep the blanket for brushing. Please ensure the area is clean; otherwise, extra debris will again be stuck with it. 
  • Make the sections of the blanket. Use a soft bristle brush gently in one or circular direction to remove the matted area. You can go multiple times over the area. 
  • After gentle brushing, use pressure to remove mats and clean the brush thoroughly.
  • After completing all the sections, repeat brushing overall to ensure your blanket gets fluffy again. 
  • You can use fingers and combs to remove the separated mats from blankets. 
  • Dispose of the mats properly; otherwise, they will again be stuck with a blanket. 

How to get sherpa blanket soft again


Sherpa blankets are delicate, lovely, and comfortable, giving you a feeling of cozy in cold weather. These are made from light synthetic fabric that can get fuzzy quickly, so you should take special precautions to revive your Sherpa blankets. Following are the possible bad things that can happen with your Sherpa blankets, and you can use our provided tips to avoid them. 

Shedding fiber:

Sherpa blankets are frequently shed and stretched out, which gives a bad look. Sherpa blanket gets dirty and clumsy with time as it is being used daily. If you don’t carry it properly or wash it with warm water, its fiber may be shed. That’s why you should take precautions while washing these blankets. Wash with mild detergent and cold water; don’t dry it for too long under the sun or dryer. Brushing and shaving the shredded blankets keep them fuzz free. 

Stain and residue:

If your sherpa blankets get stains and residue, remove them before washing them. Soak your sherpa blanket in water mixed with mild stain remover or dishwashing soap for 2-3 hours. Avoid scrubbing the sherpa blanket if it has some stains otherwise, it will spread deeply in texture. Cornstarch is also a good stain remover and it also absorbs grease from clothes. Make a thick paste of cornstarch with water and apply it over the affected area. Leave overnight and wash the area with cold water. 

Lints, pills, and static cling:

Sherpa blankets should be washed with a delicate cycle machine setting. Treating hardly with a washer and dryer can affect these blankets badly. Lint, cling, and pills are the outcomes of a rigid washer and dryer. If your sherpa blankets get lint or pills, you can remove them using a fabric shaver. Lints are easy to remove, and you can use simple sticking tapes to remove lint. You can dry these blankets outsides in the open air to remove cling. Fabric shavers and razors use to get rid of pills.

Maintain the Sherpa blankets:

To make the Sherpa blanket durable and to maintain the fluffiness of sherpa blankets, it’s crucial to follow useful tips and methods for washing them. Special guidelines should be followed to maintain the quality of your Sherpa blankets. Here we summarized simple tips to keep your sherpa blanket. 

  • Wash separately with cold water.
  • Avoid long dryer hours.
  • Use mild detergents and vinegar while washing.
  • Lint remover, soft bristle brush, and fabric shaver can be used to remove pills and mats.

If you want to get the best shelf life and protection of your Sherpa blankets you want to keep our provided guidelines in your mind.