Jeans Fabric

Our wholesale jeans fabric is durable, comfortable and versatile. The unique blend of fibers offers excellent stretch and recovery, making it perfect for creating high-quality jeans, jackets, shorts, and skirts. Its snug fit moves with you, ensuring maximum comfort. The fabric is designed to withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for everyday wear. It’s a reliable choice for creating casual wear or high-end fashion. Try our wholesale jeans fabric today and see the difference in quality for yourself!

Woven Jeans Fabric

Content: Cotton ,  
Weaving process: woven ,  
Usage: jeans, denim clothing ,  
Width: 58” ,  
Weight: 290-350GSM ,  
Color: refer to color card or make to order.Finishing:Retro distressed

What is advantage of Woven jeans fabric?

Woven jeans fabric has several advantages compared to other types of fabrics:

Durability: Woven jeans fabric is strong and durable, making it ideal for use in clothing that requires a lot of wear and tear, such as pants, shorts, and jackets.
Comfort: Woven jeans fabric is comfortable to wear and has a soft feel, even after repeated washings.
Versatility: Woven jeans fabric can be used for a wide range of clothing items, from casual wear to workwear, making it a versatile fabric choice.
Aesthetics: Woven jeans fabric has a unique aesthetic that is both stylish and classic, making it a popular choice for fashion-conscious consumers.
Easy Care: Woven jeans fabric is easy to care for and can be machine washed and dried, making it convenient for everyday wear.
Resistant to Wrinkling: Woven jeans fabric is resistant to wrinkling, which means that it looks neat and presentable even after being worn for an extended period of time.
In summary, woven jeans fabric offers durability, comfort, versatility, aesthetics, easy care, and resistance to wrinkling, making it a popular choice in the fashion industry.

Knitted jeans fabric

Products name: knitted elastic denim ,  Weaving process: knitting ,  Usage: jeans, denim clothing ,  Color: refer to color card or make to order. ,  Material composition: cotton 60 polyester 34 spandex 6 ,  Weight: 280g/m2 (make to order)

What is advantage of reactive dye ?
Reactive dyes have several advantages compared to other types of dyes:

Bright and Intense Colors: Reactive dyes produce bright and intense colors that are long-lasting and do not fade easily.
Good Affinity: Reactive dyes have a good affinity for cellulosic fibers and are therefore widely used for dyeing cotton and other cellulosic fabrics.
Environmental Safety: Reactive dyes are considered to be environmentally friendly as they do not produce toxic by-products during the dyeing process.
High Lightfastness: Reactive dyes have high lightfastness, which means they do not fade or change color even after exposure to light.
Easy to Use: Reactive dyes are easy to use and can be applied directly to the fabric without the need for pre-treatment or mordanting.
Cost-Effective: Reactive dyes are relatively cheap compared to other types of dyes, and their cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive option for large-scale production.
In summary, reactive dyes offer bright and intense colors, good affinity for cellulosic fibers, environmental safety, high lightfastness, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice in the textile industry.