Top Polar Fleece Blankets


Polar fleece blankets are soft, warm, and made from synthetic polyester fleece fabric. This is because they consist of a large amount of polyester fibers. These blankets are often found on beds and couches due to their warmth and comfort. They are also used in outdoor activities, traveling, and sportswear. To manufacture such blankets, several polyester fibers are first knitted and then brushed to create a soft texture.

This article lists the top polar fleece blanket brands so that you can choose the right supplier. You will also read about the factors to consider before you go blanket shopping.

The top polar fleece blankets in 2023 include Zengbo polar fleece blankets catering to custom orders and worldwide shipping. Also, JHome polar fleece blankets provide good quality blankets at reasonable prices. You can also go for TongXiang ZhuoYi polar fleece blankets with benefits like free samples and good-quality fabrics.

Zengbo Polar Fleece Blanket


Shaoxing Zengbo Textile Co., Ltd. supplies wholesale blankets conveniently and efficiently. Established in China by Zhu Bangzeng in 2007, it started as a towel supplier for foreign clients. But as its technology and management advanced, it also started producing other textile products. These include different types of blankets and shower curtains.

Here are the benefits of Zengbo polar fleece blankets:

  • You can customize the overall look of the blankets, including their length, width, and color.
  • You can also customize your blanket’s design with prints and embroidered logos and go for solid colors, too.
  • Their blankets consist of 100% polyester.
  • They ship their products in bulk worldwide.
  • They offer superior quality blankets at competitive factory prices.
  • They will send you the samples of your ordered blankets for approval.
  • This brand manufactures private-label blankets according to the customer’s requirements.

JHome Polar Fleece Blanket


Wuxi JHome Technology Co., Ltd. is a home textile brand based in China. They have the experience of more than twenty years of home textile production. Here are the advantages of buying JHome polar fleece blankets:

  • They provide good quality blankets at reasonable prices.
  • They use Oeko-tex Certified Polyester to manufacture their blankets.
  • You can customize the weight, size, and color of the blankets you order from them.
  • They have export markets all over the world, but mainly in the US, UK, and Germany.
  • They provide you with samples of your chosen product first for approval.

Tongxiang Zhuoyi Polar Fleece Blanket


TongXiang ZhuoYi Textile is a Chinese company with ten years of experience in the textile industry. They produce different types of fabrics for home textiles, shoes, packaging, and more. The benefits of the TongXiang ZhuoYi polar fleece blankets include:

  • They provide a free A4 sample of the chosen product but charge you for a bigger one.
  • It usually takes them 25 days to deliver the products.
  • Their primary export market is the US, south Asia, and Europe.
  • They have the required machinery for superior-quality fabrics.
  • The weight of their polar fleece blankets is 370gsm with a size of 120 by 150cm.
  • The blanket’s color is customizable.

How to Buy Polar Fleece Blankets? (Step by Step Buying Guide)

When you buy polar fleece blankets, decide the type of blanket you want. Your desired blanket will have the properties that you prefer. For instance, you can choose the blanket’s weight and size that suits you. You also need to select the color and design to match your preferences and furnishings.

Below are the factors generally considered when choosing a polar fleece blanket:

Decide the Type of Polar Fleece


The best polar fleece for you depends on your particular needs. The various types of polar fleece include:

  1. High-Pile Fleece: It provides good warmth due to longer fibers.
  2. Anti-Pill Fleece: Pilling is the formation of small fabric balls. The manufacturers design such blankets to prevent it.
  3. Stretch Fleece: They contain spandex or elastane, which are synthetic fibers to increase flexibility.

The following options are available if you consider the blanket’s texture:

  1. Smooth Fleece:It has a soft and silky feel to it.
  2. Sherpa Fleece:One of its sides resembles the fibers of a sheep’s wool, but the other side is smooth.
  3. Berber Fleece:Both sides have a textured wool-like surface and are very comfortable.
  4. Coral Fleece:It has a soft and plush texture like a coral.

Deciding on the type of polar fleece will go a long way. If you want to wrap your baby in the blanket, select smooth or coral fleece so the baby doesn’t get uncomfortable. Similarly, every use case will have different requirements, so deciding the type is essential.

Decide the Weight and Thickness of the Polar Fleece Blanket


Polar fleece comes in different weights and thicknesses. You can select a blanket according to the weather and usage from the following options:

  1. Microfleece: Used in lightweight blankets
  2. Midweight fleece: Used in jackets and blankets
  3. Heavyweight fleece: Used to manufacture winter coats and thick blankets

Decide the Required Blanket Size

When you want to buy a blanket for your bed, couch, or any other place, you need a particular-sized one. Knowing the required size beforehand is essential to avoid getting the wrong-sized blanket. Go for small and eye-catching ones for decorative purposes and larger ones for other uses. Here is a step-by-step guide to deciding the perfect blanket size for a bed in particular:

  1. Find out the length, width, and thickness of the mattress.
  2. If you want the blanket to drape over the sides, decide the length accordingly. Typically, it is 8 to 10 inches on each side.
  3. Add up the measurements of the dimensions and drop length to find the right blanket size.

If you need the blanket for a couch or something else, take these measurements according to that. Remember that the blanket may shrink after washing, so decide accordingly. Your blanket supplier will guide you about the washing techniques if the fabric is expected to shrink.

Decide the Color and Design

Choosing the color and design of your blanket can be a fun experience. There are so many blanket designs and colors to choose from, and you can customize them, too. You can totally go for whichever design catches your eye, but there are some considerations to make. Keep in mind the style and color theme of your room. You can match it to your room or use a contrasting one to make it pop out.


Now you know the various brands to shop for polar fleece blankets. Deciding the type of polar fleece, design, and size of the blanket are vital steps in the purchase. So this is your sign to get yourself a nice, cozy polar fleece blanket after making an informed decision.