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Zengbo Blanket Manufacturer

Zengbo is a professional blanket supplier. We offer the best one-stop service for wholesale blankets. Our blankets include Polar Fleece, facecloth, Baby, Waterproof Picnic, and Sherpa. We also have custom, colorful pattern blankets. We use high-quality fabrics and advanced techniques to make the blankets you want. You can buy high-quality blankets here at very friendly prices.

Zengbo:Provide you with personalized solutions

  • Provide you with customized solutions
  • Twenty-five years of experience in the manufacturing of blankets
  • Provide personalized packaging services
  • OEM & ODM Services
  • Follow the ISO quality management system
  • Pay attention to market dynamics and trends

Are you a retailer?

We ensure smooth communication with retailers and by choosing us, you will enjoy cost efficiencies, lower transportation costs and increase your competitiveness.

Are you a wholesaler, agent, or distributor?

We know your market and can help you grow with high-quality products at competitive prices and reliable logistics. Our logistics services will support your business growth and maintain your competitive edge.

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How To Order Our Blankets


Why Choose Us

We are a professional manufacturer of all types of blankets.

We are customer-centered and provide professional services, and over the years, we have earned the trust and reputation of our customers and are able to be your trusted blanket supplier.We are also committed to environmentally friendly production and sustainable measures contributing to the planet and your comfort.


With 16 years of manufacturing experience, we strive for excellence to ensure that every blanket meets the highest standards.

Customized Design

Our professional design team is available to provide personalized, customized service to create a unique blanket that meets your specific needs.

Strict Quality

We strictly control the production process and use the best materials to make the highest quality blankets for our customers.

Monthly Output

 We have efficient production lines and large-scale production capacity, so we can meet your needs quickly.


Knitting Machine

Textile Testing Machine

Total Staffs and Workers

Orders Completed


OEM/ODM Service

As a professional blanket manufacturer, we offer customized OEM and ODM solutions designed to meet your individual needs and market requirements. Whether you are looking for a specific design, size, or material, we can provide the best solution.

    Our advantage:

  • We understand each customer’s needs. We are committed to providing flexible, customized solutions.
  • Our experienced design team can provide you with innovative design solutions.
  • We strictly control all our production links. This ensures our products reach the highest quality.

   Our service process:

  • We will communicate with you to understand your needs.
  • Our dedicated design team will create a design based on your needs and ensure it not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
  •  We will make samples, provide them for free, and make necessary adjustments based on your feedback until you are satisfied.
  •  We will start production and make sure the products are high-quality and delivered on time.

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