Os 10 principais fabricantes de mantas de flanela de lã

Everyone deserves to snuggle into a comfortable blanket after a long workday. It may not help you get rid of your problems, but it can give you peace of mind. A good flannel blanket can provide you with this calming experience. 

Designed to be warm, soft, and breathable, these blankets can be your gentle companions. This article lists several flannel fleece blanket manufacturers to help you grab the best products.

Utopia Deals Bulk Flannel Blankets 


This brand serves many industries with its textile products. Its flannel blankets have various characteristics, including durable, lightweight, and dryable blankets with double-needling stitching. Now, there’s many features to look for in a blanket.

Furthermore, they offer various sizes, colors, and styles to suit different settings.

Zengbo Wholesale Custom Blankets 

Manta de lã de flanela com impressão digital de girassol

Zengbo has gained experience serving the textile industry for more than ten years. This experience makes them a reliable source of bulk flannel blankets. 

They have many flannel blanket designs on their webpage, which you’re welcome to order as they are. You can also always customize your order. You must work with their team and submit your design to do so. 

After the sample production, they will ship it to you for confirmation in about three days. Then, the mass production of your order will await your approval. The production lead time is 10 to 30 days. 

They have a Minimum Order Quantity (or MOQ) of 500 items. This coupled with worldwide shipping, makes them one of the top choices. Their blankets have various desirable features, including insulation, good quality, and low maintenance. 

Bedsure Bulk Flannel Blankets 

Cobertor de flanela estampado personalizável

With the tagline “Get cozy” accompanying its logo, this brand seems true to its word. The various options in their product lineup promise warmth and comfort. As for their flannel fleece blankets, you have multiple colors and sizes. 

Currently, they ship only to the US. Please read their return policy before proceeding with your order.

Suzhou Uniwell Textile Bulk Flannel Blankets 

Cobertor de flanela estampado personalizável

This brand offers various options for your flannel blanket inventory. It also accepts OEM orders. Its product descriptions mention many desirable blanket features. 

Make sure you have decided on the right size and color of the blanket. Then, contact the supplier to complete the order. This preplanning will prevent any mistakes in purchasing.

Dfknit Flannel Blankets Wholesale

Cobertor de flanela estampado personalizável

This Chinese brand focuses on fabric research, development, and production, making it a reliable source of different fabrics. Their various designs with customizable colors save them a spot on this list. It’s a perfect brand if you want flannel blankets in bulk. 

You will receive a sample once you contact them and confirm the order. Your approval of this small piece of fabric then leads to the mass production of your order.

Kingcason Bulk Flannel Blankets


Kingcason is another reliable Chinese make-to-order brand. They offer many customizable styles of flannel fleece blankets. Along with custom colors and designs, you can choose custom packaging.

Their MOQ per color variant is 500 kilograms, and that per design variant is 1000 kilograms. This makes them a good option as wholesale flannel blankets in bulk. Some of their flannel fleece-containing products include:

● Jacquard weave flannel fleece (different styles available)

● Custom-printed fleece blanket

● Two-sided tortoise flannel fleece

So many more options make this brand a good source of wholesale custom blankets.

PCNA Flannel Fleece Blanket Manufacturers 


This US-based brand has a limited flannel fleece collection but offers some attractive customization options. These include decorating your blankets with your custom logos. From the information we gathered, they have two styles of flannel fleece blankets.

Luxury Comfort Flannel Fleece Blanket

These use embroidery to stitch your custom decoration. You will be charged for these additions if you exceed the 10,000 free stitches.

Tie Die Flannel Fleece Blanket

These use the digital transfer technique to decorate your blankets. This addition will be free for one color. And then you’ll have increasing charges with more colors.

They have offices across the US and one in Canada. This makes them a good source of custom blankets in Canada.

Ningbo High Sunway Wholesale Custom Blankets 


This Chinese brand has a comprehensive product lineup and flannel fleece blankets are some of them. Their products are portable, wearable, waterproof, and pill-resistant. All these features point to one comfy blanket. 

They offer customization of their textiles, an essential service for many buyers. Custom-printed fleece blankets can be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. Furthermore, you may source custom fleece baby blankets from them. This requires you to negotiate about the blanket size with them.

They have an MOQ of 500 sets and require samples before confirming your order. The sample is free, but you must cover the freight costs. 

Wuhu Bvlbore Bulk Flannel Blankets 


Wuhu Bvlbore is a Chinese bedding supplier company. Established in 2013, they have experience combined with good product quality. Their product styles include printed, gradient, fluffy, and reversible blankets. 

There are so many more options to choose from. Head over to their website if you want to get extra information or contact them. A 30 to 45-day delivery time suggests good wholesale flannel blankets.

Anhui Honor International Trade Wholesale Custom Blankets 


With an MOQ of 1000 pieces, you should consider this Chinese brand to buy flannel blankets in bulk. They offer various designs on their website. They also allow order customization, which is a cherry on top. 

Their product lineup also includes baby blankets. So, if you’re looking for custom fleece baby blankets, this brand might be a good option.


In conclusion, we covered many brands that offer different flannel blanket styles. Now that you know so many manufacturers, it’s about time to choose one for yourself. You can find more information about these brands when you contact them. We hope this post helps you find the perfect blanket.