Veelgestelde vragen over op maat gemaakte dekens


Blankets are not only warm products, but sometimes they are also decorations. Nowadays, many people want to custom blankets in order to catch up with fashion. Or use it as a household item, or give it as a gift to others. So, do you know the common problems when customizing blankets?

Veelgestelde vragen over op maat gemaakte dekens

Before customizing your own blankets, you must explain your requirements to the custom blanket manufacturer, such as whether the blanket is provided by yourself, you only need them to print pictures. Another situation is that what you need is a one-stop service. You need to consider the fabrics, colors, patterns, and other issues of personalized blankets. Zengbo has enough experience in this area. You can speak out your idea boldly, and we will help you realize it.

Custom Blanket Fabric

The material of the blanket actually has a great influence on how we feel when using it. There are big differences in the use of different materials of blankets. So what material should we choose when we customize blankets? The following three material terms are better in blankets.
Custom Wool Blankets
Wool blankets are blankets made from wool as raw materials. Wool has good air permeability. The voids of the fibers can form an airflow layer. Therefore, it can provide an ideal constant temperature when people are sleeping. Wool blankets are good for improving people’s sleep quality and have good warmth retention. For rheumatism and arthritis patients, it has a certain curative effect and can alleviate the condition. If you have such a family or give it to others as a gift, custom wool blankets are an ideal choice.
Custom Raschel Blankets
Raschel is the best quality blanket, comfortable, breathable, and warm. The special Raschel weave makes the blanket thicker and tighter without deformation. Raschel blankets feel smooth and delicate, keep warm and breathable, and have beautiful colors. And most importantly, this material does not shed hair or fade, and it looks beautiful and practical. It is a good choice for your custom photo blankets.
Custom Flannel Blanket
Flannel blankets have strong water absorption. It is comfortable and breathable, warm and soft. Flannel blankets are fine in size and do not fade. But it is worth your attention that it is a bit shed. If you want to prepare wedding gifts for your friends, you can customize blankets with pictures.

Custom Blanket Size

The blanket size is generally 150*200cm, 160*200cm, 180*200cm, 200*230cm, 240*220cm, 250*200cm. Generally speaking, the single person is 150*200cm, and the double person is 200*230cm. You can also customize large-size blankets or children’s blankets according to your needs. Some custom blanket manufacturers can accept other sizes you want. But some may only accept the size they produce. So you need to communicate well with them.

Custom Blanket Color

The color of personalised blankets determines your style. If you want custom photo blankets, the solid color blankets printed with pictures can show your focus more clearly. And solid-colored blankets are cheaper than complex-colored blankets. Of course, if it is a wedding gift, it is best to be red. The most popular colors this year are yellow and cyan. But black and white will never go out of style.

Custom Blanket Pattern

You need to send the picture you printed on the blanket to the custom blanket manufacturer. The size and complexity of the pattern will affect the price of customize blankets. Most people have custom photo blankets because the pictures or dates are commemorative. Most importantly, this is a test of the craftsmanship of the custom blanket manufacturer. Because many blankets made by personalized blankets suppliers are easy to fade or dye. So you must keep your eyes open to find the most professional custom blanket manufacturer.

Custom Blanket Craft

It is worth talking about the craftsmanship of customized blankets. The production process of blankets roughly goes through three steps: spinning, weaving, and dyeing. Slightly different due to different varieties.
According to the pattern, it is divided into five types: plain blanket, road blanket, grid blanket, printed blanket, and jacquard blanket.
  1. Plain-colored blankets need more than 20 tasks such as picking, opening, scouring, carding, spinning, winding, warping, and back combing. Both the front and back of the plain colored carpet are of a single color.
  2. Color flowers are printed on both sides of the printed blanket, so the printing process is increased. The rest of the process is exactly the same. Printed blankets are printed with various patterns of flowers, animals, sea creatures, etc. on both sides of a plain blanket. The custom blanket with pictures is done on the plain blanket. The finished product is called a printed blanket.
  3. Dao blanket is also called strip blanket. It consists of two horizontal strips of other colors at a distance of 30 cm from both ends in the length direction of the blanket. The rest is the same as the plain carpet, but the color is lighter.
  4. Grid carpets are divided into colored grids and square grids. The grid size of the color grid blanket varies, and there are many variations, as many as 3-5 colors. Checkered blankets are generally matched by shades of two colors to form a more obvious grid.
  5. There are two types of jacquard carpets: full-width jacquard and two-end jacquard. The full-width jacquard is mostly large-scale jacquard pattern. The jacquard at both ends is a pattern of small jacquard at a certain distance from the straight ends of the blanket. Regardless of jacquard or small jacquard, there are flowers, animals, patterns, etc., among which most are flowers.
Carpet surface: The fluff should be plump, neat, without bottoming, no hair removal, water pattern should be wavy, with under fleece.
Feel: The blanket should be thick, soft, with bones and elasticity.
Luster: Natural and soft, bright colors, no old feeling.
Carpet edge: The color matching should be coordinated, straight, neat, without broken or curved edges.

Can Custom Blanket Be Machine Washed?

If your custom blankets are not heavy or of average material, they can be machine washed. If the blankets are heavy, I don’t recommend washing them in a machine.
Generally speaking, custom printed blankets with good materials have strong water absorption. After the water enters, the blanket will become unusually heavy. If you choose machine washing at this time, it will increase the burden on the washing machine. Moreover, the dehydration function is not conducive to the maintenance of the felt after all the felts are dehydrated. The blanket is easily deformed after being shaken vigorously by the machine. This will affect the original appearance of the blanket.

How To Clean The Custom Blanket Correctly?

So how to clean your personalized blankets? Generally, we recommend sending it to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning. This can ensure the softness and elasticity of the blanket. If you wash it yourself, it’s best to wash it by hand. You just need to soak and knead gently. The specific method is as follows:
  1. Prepare warm water. It is best not to use cold water. The temperature of warm water is 20-30°.
  2. Soak soap or washing powder.
  3. Soak the custom blanket in water for 30 minutes.
  4. Raise gently to squeeze out the water, then put it in the soap liquid and gently rub it with your hands.
  5. To prevent your blankets from getting old, add a few drops of vinegar during the last wash.
  6. After cleaning, roll up the blanket and gently press to drain the water. Then use a brush to neatly brush the fluff.
  7. You can choose to dry the blanket after cleaning. If there is no dryer, let it dry on the pole and keep it flat. It is not recommended to use a drying rack to dry, as it will easily become deformed.
  8. If there are wrinkles, you can spread a wet towel on the wrinkles and lightly iron them with an electric iron. This way the wrinkles can disappear.

Wat moet ik doen als de deken vervaagt?

Niet alleen kleding, als je een op maat gemaakte fotodeken wilt, zullen de afgedrukte foto's waarschijnlijk vervagen. Dit hangt af van het bedrijfsniveau van de fabrikant van de op maat gemaakte deken die je kiest. Als je deken niet wordt schoongemaakt, zal de kleur bij normaal gebruik sterk vervagen. Je kunt contact opnemen met de fabrikant van de op maat gemaakte deken voor een redelijke verklaring. Als de kleur vervaagt tijdens het schoonmaken, kunt u de volgende maatregelen nemen:
  1. Voeg een paar druppels azijn toe aan het water tijdens het wassen of voor het wassen, maar denk eraan niet te veel te gebruiken.
  2. Een andere truc is om tijdens het bleekproces twee of drie druppels toiletwater toe te voegen. Na tien minuten weken, vul je het toilet twee keer met water.
  3. Voeg voor het wassen een kleine hoeveelheid zout toe en laat het ongeveer 30 minuten weken in water. Dit kan ook een rol spelen bij sterilisatie en desinfectie.
  4. Pas op dat je de enkele kant van de deken niet te lang blootstelt aan ultraviolet licht. Dit kan namelijk gemakkelijk vervagen. Daarom kun je de deken het beste aan de lucht drogen.
Natuurlijk wil ik iedereen eraan herinneren dat aangepaste dekens niet vaak gewassen moeten worden. Meestal is het voldoende om de deken één keer per maand te wassen. Laat de deken tijdens het schoonmaken niet lang in heet of alkalisch water weken.

Vragen die moeten worden geraadpleegd bij aangepaste dekens

  1. De prijs van een op maat gemaakte deken: Dat hangt af van de complexiteit van je aangepaste patroon.
  2. De stof van aangepaste dekens.
  3. De specificaties, vormen, maten, patronen van aangepaste dekens.


Het resultaat van de op maat gemaakte deken hangt nauw samen met de fabrikant van de op maat gemaakte deken die je kiest. De ervaren en geavanceerde fabrikant van op maat gemaakte dekens zal je natuurlijk voorzien van dekens van hoge kwaliteit en naar tevredenheid.
Zengbo is een dekenfabrikant met uitgebreide ervaring en expertise. Zengbo richt zich op het leveren van op maat gemaakte dekens, wat uw ideale keuze is. Als u problemen ondervindt met aangepaste dekens, neem dan gerust contact met ons op.